5 Basic Things To Know About AC Installation

ac installation

For any homeowner, one of the major concerns is getting quality electrical services for their home especially when it comes to installing or repairing an ac. Although there are many air conditioner installation companies in the market that are committed to offering you top-class services, it is you who has to take care that everything is done in the right way.

Unlike any other thing, even the slightest mistake in electrical work can prove to be very costly in terms of safety and money. Therefore, it is a rather smart decision to be prepared in advance rather than regretting later on.

Here we will discuss 5 of the very basic yet impactful points about ac installation that you must know about. Check out these points below:

Hire A Professional

The first thing to do is always hire a professional. An experienced and skilled electrician will not only do your work safely and swiftly but will rather provide you with some valuable tips from the market. Besides, when you don’t get a licensed contractor and if some problem occurs you will have no liabilities. It may be a bit expensive but with an expert, you will always get a better job done.

Review The Ductwork

For your ac installation, make sure that your duct is in good condition. When you don’t do so, there’s a high risk that a fair amount of cool air from the ac will be leaked. You can ask your electrician in Oahu to see whether or not your duct is ready for ac installation or there are somethings to be done. Never get your ac fixed until the duct issues are resolved.

Place For Installation

Next, the place in your house where the ac will be fixed depends upon the unit’s size. You cannot get any ac and fix it anywhere you like. This is also where having an expert by your side comes in handy. Your hired electrician can suggest a suitable place for your ac where it can be fitted properly without affecting the cooling. They can also help you to choose which ac should be perfect for which room according to their sizes.

Electrical Requirements

If you want to avoid having to call ac repair services in Oahu time and again then never forget to consider this point. Sometimes, after fixing an ac the circuit breaker box fails to handle the load and trips. To prevent this from happening even if you’ll have to upgrade your home wiring, you must do so. It might need you to extend your budget a little but it is a permanent, safer, and convenient option for the long term.

Condenser’s Placement

Lastly, the placement of your condenser is as crucial as any other factor. Not placing the condenser properly will prevent the ac from doing its job effectively. The ideal location for your AC’s condenser is where it has a lot of open space for airflow. Never fix it somewhere it gets shielded from the open air like a garage. Along with this, try to keep it away from direct sun rays exposure as it can also harm the condenser.


When you go through and keep the above-mentioned points in mind before getting an ac installed at your home, you are most likely to avoid many common mistakes. Now that you know about these factors, why not visit a decent electrical service provider? Check out Sun Electric & AC Services LLC for your residential or commercial electrical needs today.

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