Brides Who Opted for Yellow Lehenga & Left us in Awe

Yellow Lehenga

Indian weddings are all about having gala time with family and friends. They are intricately planned, vibrant, and rich of cultural festivities full of traditions and celebrations. And for such big-fat function, you obviously need something striking to wear, especially if you are a bride-to-be. 

The first thing that comes in any girl’s mind, when she starts planning for her wedding is she, herself decked up in a red lehenga. Not your fault, we all grew up with the belief that a bride, for her D-day has to adorn red or else she won’t look Hatke. But thank heavens for the bridal fashion to evolve! Brides are now getting bold, listening to their heart and picking their favourite colour for their wedding!

And what could be better than fresh and gorgeous yellow bridal lehenga?

Yellow shines with optimism, enlightenment and happiness! I love how it instils energy and sparks positivity. This beautiful, vibrant colour is also one of the most loved and popular colour for Indian wedding occasions. And there is no one who would say, I can’t this colour off! 

Yellow is one cheerful colour that is not only evergreen but also suits everyone. If you are still not convinced then just look at these beautiful brides.

Sequin Mirror Work Yellow lehanga

She is looking everything stunning in this gorgeous lehenga adorned with sparkling sequins and mirror work.

  1. Yellow Sabyasachi floral lehanga

Look at this beautiful bride, who defied all the bridal rules and opted for a floral lehenga in yellow colour designed by none other than, Sabysachi Mukherjee, a dream designer of every women.

Super Unique Sabyasachi Bright Yellow Lehenga

This bride opted for lovely yellow bridal lehenga beautified with matching hand embroidery. This is surely a unique lehenga to pair with your glow.

  1. Spectacular Yellow Lehanga:-

Yellow is the happiest colour and so is this bride looking, happiest and exited for her new beginnings. 

Contrast Double Dupatta Yellow Bridal Lehenga:-

She is looking breathtakingly beautiful and shinning brightest. The dewy foundation, red lipstick and soft eye makeup is giving this bride the finest glow.

Bright Royal Yellow Jacquard Bridal Lehenga:-

The yellow bridal lehenga look is just fresh & perfect on this beautiful bride. Oh I feel like going through the wedding rituals again (wink wink).

Sunshine  Yellow Wedding Lehenga:-

Absolutely loving this bride, adoring stunning yellow lehenga and her bridal jewellery surely added more charm to her bridal look.

Well I totally love these brides and the way they styled yellow lehenga for their D-day! What do you think about them and what are your views about designer lehengas in yellow colour? Aren’t they simply beautiful to wear on your D-day?

Yellow will surely add charm and elegance and I am sure you will not regret your decision of opting it! If you like to set your own rules, do things differently, steal the limelight than you should definitely pick this refreshing modern hue.

Did we forget anything?

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