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Sleeping disorder and medication

Having a sound and peaceful deep sleep gives a pleasant and fresh start to an individual’s day. That is mandatory too. If not it may lead to a condition called sleeping disorder or insomnia. Sleeping disorders are a category of conditions that influence the amount of sleeping soundly all the time. Regardless of whether they…

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Malaysia Jobs

Top 5 Popular Jobs in Malaysia

If you think that modern cities, delicious food, amazing beaches, beautiful islands and national parks are all that are associated with Malaysia, then you are wrong. This beautiful city of South East Asia has much more to offer for its nationals and millions of migrant workers from all across Asia. In fact, among all the…

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House Maid

4 Qualities Your HouseMaid Should Possess

Indoor cleanliness and hygiene are crucial for everyone’s health living inside the house. According to WHO facts, household air pollution causes irreversible diseases such as stroke, heart disease, lung cancer, and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. Though you don’t realize it, a clean, dust and mite-free house may even help you keep toddlers and young ones…

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