Yashin – Champion System Between Gears

Yashin Champion System

By the time Lev Yashin reached football, the profession of goalkeeper was almost 80 years old. However, he was the pioneer of modern goalkeepers in the birth of traditional patterns of behavior. European champion (1960) and Olympic winner (1956) The only goalkeeper to win the Ballon d’Or (1963) 5x Russian champion 151 goals scored (record) … Read more

Rhubarb – properties, application, contraindications

Rhubarb benefits

Rhubarb is a plant that we know very well. Her large leaves decomposed in the home gardens of our mothers and grandmothers. Some liked to eat rhubarb stalks raw, with a little sugar. Do we know, however, what are the benefits of consuming this plant? 1. Rhubarb characteristics Rhubarb belongs to the knotweed family. It … Read more

How To clean your artificial grass with less effort

How To clean artificial grass

This article will cover how to clean balcony artificial grass is. Ever since lawns started to put in, you see many different products out there on the market to help you create the perfect garden. That products come in a variety of different things, such as liquid chemical fertilizers, weed killers, and even just everyday … Read more

Will Custom Chocolate Boxes Be Your Next Marketing Trend?

Custom Chocolate Boxes

In my business, I have seen the future of packaging and custom chocolate boxes. In my marketing and promotions article, I talked about the potential of creating custom chocolate packaging boxes for an event. Now that I have seen this in action, I am wondering if it will become the “new trend” when it comes … Read more

The Importance of Grounding Tests during Electrical Maintenance

Electrical Maintenance

Electrical circuits have a separate ground, or ‘earth’, circuit that provides an alternate low-impedance path for electricity to safely reach the ground, in case of accidental physical contact. Ground testing is used to measure the performance of this circuit and check if it meets requirements. There are two types of grounding tests that must be … Read more