Is Remote Working a New Normal for Software Development?

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Remote working was not a standard option for many companies. The closest of remote working was hiring a freelancer to work for the company, but for a short time. But due to this pandemic, remote working has become the new normal for many employees because they have no other option.

The pandemic has forced all the companies and their working environment to shift digitally. So far, it is proved to be an excellent option for various software development companies in Pune. Employees are finding it easier to manage both work and home and shown to be more productive than working in the companies.

How is Remote Working going to Shape the Future?

Even after the lockdown is lifted, many big corporate and software development company in Pune are going to provide a work from home option for their employees. Many countries all around the world do already have this option of work from home, where employees can come to the office on some days and take work from home option on some days, to have a good work and life balance.

Now, software development companies in Pune are planning to have a permanent work from home option and on and off work from home option as well. Several employees are in favour of this option since they are more comfortable and productive in this environment.

Offices now can plan and incorporate more tools and technologies to make this option even easier for both employees and employers. Due to the sudden shift companies did not have time or resources to plan out the working environment and tools, but since this could be the new regular offices can build strategies for smooth and comfortable working. Dreamworth Solutionsis one such company that provides an excellent working from home environment for their employees.

Pros of Remote Working Software Development

Remote working has become a buzz word in software development companies, and the below are some pros of working from home.

Better Resource Management

We all know that there are a lot of expenses to run a company in the city. There are several factors like the right place, rent, systems and electricity cost. Most of the money is spent on these necessities, which are crucial for running a company. But with most of the employees working remotely, companies can now invest in expensive and efficient tools and technologies that make the development process more manageable.

Flexible Working Hours

Since remote working is new for everyone, there have not been any policies or strategies for remote working hours. But more companies will allow flexible hours working from home so that the employees can comfortably work in their time zone.

Increased Efficiency

The studies say the employees are more productive working from home then they’re in the office environment because there are no external distractions or noises. Most of the people can peacefully work from home without any discomfort. The employers and team leaders make a list of works that had to be done for the day, and this allows the employees to plan accordingly and work efficiently.

In conclusion, working from home could be the new normal for many companies even after the lockdown. There might be challenges, but with new tools and technologies, we can easily overcome those challenges because working in the office also has its pros and cons.  

Gagan Mahotra is the pioneer in the mobile application development industry, and he is the founder of Dreamworth Solutions which is considered as the top-rated mobile application development company in Pune. With his passionate team of developers, designers and marketing analyst, he wants to deliver leading mobile app solutions.

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