What can I do to protect my truck accident rights?

truck accident rights


Everyone has rights. The only problem is that unless someone tells you what they are, then you are not going to know. That is the purpose of this West Palm Beach personal injury attorney blog today. We are here to discuss what your rights are in the event of a truck accident.


You cannot rely on the other side to be factual about what happened. Most people are going to tell the version of the story that makes them look good. That is the last thing you should do. Tell what happened, and do not lie.

A big issue that some people have is they feel they have to lie. They figure the truth is going to make them look bad. Sometimes, being honest about what happened makes you look better than you thought.

Take pictures. Write down everything that you remember happening. Write it down as soon as possible. The reason is that a person’s memory fades, The longer you wait to recount what happened, the more you begin to embellish.

Exchange information with the other person and wait for the police. Information is the only thing you should exchange. I do not care how nice the person appears to be, this person is not your new best friend. Your “new best friend” might throw you under the bus without a second thought(even if the fault is theirs).

The less you say to the other person, the better. The other side can use what you tell them against you later.

2) Please, do not admit to any fault before you speak to your Fort Lauderdale car accident attorney and police. Once more, the less you say, in the beginning, the better.

Be as honest as you can when you do talk to your Fort Myers personal injury attorney and the police. The more honest you are, the stronger your argument will be. Your odds of establishing a nice size claim are also better too.

The more apologetic you are, the less of a claim you stand to win. The other side is going to look for ways to reduce their accountability. Do not give them the satisfaction.

3) Seek medical advice as soon as possible(especially if you are hurt badly). Some people choose to wait. That is the last thing you should do. The longer you wait, the more they will doubt you were ever injured. The odds of you winning your claim will also be reduced. You need to establish a connection with your medical team right away.

4) Write down every expense you incur. The more proof you have, the stronger your claim is. The more documentation you present to the other side, the stronger your side of the story will be.

5) One final thing concerns the settlement. The other side wants you to accept a low-ball offer. They want you to cave so they do not have to pay as much. That is the last thing you should do. Accept an offer that sounds reasonable to you, not to them. Call truck or Fort Myers car accident lawyer for help.

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