What Is User Generated Content? Ways To Use It For Small Business

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If you are from the online business world, you must have heard about user-generated content. But surface-level knowledge about such an essential aspect of a business is not enough; you need to have in-depth knowledge.  We created this blog to ensure that you get that in-depth knowledge about a topic that would transform your business. … Read more

How Small Businesses Are Creating Their Own Ads

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Small businesses frequently face the challenge of marketing their products and services due to constrict budget and resources. As a result, they have limited opportunities of reaching their target market. Luckily, the internet and technology advancement has made it easier for these businesses to create cost-effective ads, such as marketing on social media, email marketing, … Read more

Branding Mistakes Businesses Should Avoid As Per Faisal Abidi of RNF Technologies


While it is great that small businesses and start-ups devote their attention to key areas such as sales, customer acquisition, product quality, overhead costs, and other similar things, what many businesses fail to give their attention to is branding and digital marketing. In the absence of a clear branding strategy, businesses need to realize that … Read more

How small businesses become big. Real-life examples

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The world of business is changing superfast. For example, in the past, it was enough to find a good location and make sure to offer high-quality products or services that will attract the customers. Nowadays, however, besides the physical location, you also need to ensure that you have an online presence! You need to be … Read more

Here Is How Small Businesses Can Raise Workplace Safety Compliance

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The pandemic has devastated the economy of all the countries. While large businesses have the means to make affordable strategies and infrastructure to adjust to the sudden shift in the business environment and customer behaviour, on the other hand, it becomes difficult for small businesses to make the change suddenly with meagre capital and workforce. … Read more

Think Your Small Business Is Safe? 7 Ways You Can Protect It Today

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Introduction When you are just in the initial phase of your new venture or have been running it for a while, protecting it becomes a tedious step. But unfortunately, many entrepreneurs overlook it in haste to create a company and run it day-to-day. Maintaining business survival in difficult economic situations is one of the biggest … Read more

The Impact of Small Business from Cryptocurrency


Introduction Table of Contents What is Cryptocurrency? What does Cryptocurrency mean for Small Businesses? Impact of Small Business from Cryptocurrency Transactions Smart Strong Contracts Improves Customer Confidentiality New Revenue Streams Paying for Overheads International Transactions Funding Transactions are irreversible Conclusion What is Cryptocurrency? Cryptocurrency is a decentralized digital asset that relies on encryption techniques to … Read more

Why small businesses should never ignore cloud accounting?

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There are many different types of challenges that a small business has to deal with but even with all the risks and challenges lurking around small businesses, the number of small businesses is increasing at a very fast pace. There is no denial in the fact that the number of small businesses is not low … Read more