How small businesses become big. Real-life examples

small businesses
small businesses

The world of business is changing superfast. For example, in the past, it was enough to find a good location and make sure to offer high-quality products or services that will attract the customers. Nowadays, however, besides the physical location, you also need to ensure that you have an online presence! You need to be in constant communication with the target audience, boost your business by advertising on social media to do everything in your power to ensure their satisfaction, and continually be at least two steps ahead of your competitors. 

Of course, you are super thrilled about starting your business and your dream of finding ways to grow your business fast and become successful. Nonetheless, more often than not, running a business whether it is a top mobile app development company or something else comes with a lot of stress and disappointment.  You are probably prepared that at the very beginning things will go slowly. But what you don’t expect is that it is going to be so challenging and that you will probably lose more money than you will make at the beginning.   These are often the reasons why many people lose hope and give up altogether. 

However, once you decide to start a business, it is essential to know that majority of business people started slow and had ups and downs the same way you do.  This information can be truly helpful for every single one of us who decides to embark on the adventure of creating a business whether online or offline. That is why we decided to research a bit and compile a list of real-life examples that can help you in your endeavors to grow your business.

Examples That Can Help You Grow Your Business 

The Corcoran Group, Founded by Barbara Corcoran

Barbara Corcoran started her journey as a waitress. At that time she secured a loan of $1000 to quit her job and enter a real estate business.  The Corcoran Group was a small start-up at the beginning, but over the years it grow to one of the biggest names in the brokerage business.   If you want to get some grow your business tips, we recommend reading her book entitled Shark Tales: How I Turned $1000 into a Billion Dollar Business.  She also hosts a business podcast and has invested in more than 80 small businesses.   If you are looking for inspiration, we feel it is safe to say that Barbara’s story is an excellent grow your business example.

 Ben & Jerry’s, Founded by Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield

Can you imagine that one of the biggest ice cream companies started as a little shop? No? Well, we believe that it sounds surprising, but it is true!  After a $5 Penn State University correspondence course, two childhood friends Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield decided to embark on an adventure of building their ice cream empire. Initially, after borrowing $4000 they invested $ 12000 into a small ice cream shop in Vermont.  Things started to take off quickly. Nowadays, they are fully committed to fair trade and non-GMO products.  Ben&Jerry’s is a good example of what you need to do when you want to know how to grow your business quickly. 

Ice cream

Ecom Freedom, by Dan Vas

For those of you who want to know more about how to grow your Amazon business, it would be interesting to know Dan Vas’s story.  After working in his first 9 – 5 job, Vas knew that is not for him. He says that he felt miserable even if he was working in one of the biggest Canadian banks. As a 21-year-old, he saw a YouTube video about entrepreneurship on Amazon, and this is where his journey began. He is a founder of the FBA course Ecom Freedom, and an Amazon millionaire. Vas attributes his success to the entrepreneurial mindset and belief in success! 

Huffington Post and Thrive Global, founded by Arianna Huffington

Arianna Huffington was born in Greece to a single-parent household. Her determination to get a prestigious English education brought her to Cambridge University. She was incredibly successful there and so it was relatively simple to go to New York where she co-founded Huffington Post with Kenneth Lerer.  Arianna was persistent, although the website initially received harsh criticism from the journalist community, and eventually the small alternative website grew into a major media conglomerate.  She was an editor-in-chief until 2016 when she founded a wellness and lifestyle website called Thrive Global.  None of these websites are reserved for U. S readers; hence, it is safe to say that this is a good example of how to expand your business globally.

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Bottom Line 

What is common for all of those business people? When you think about it, you see that they needed to invest a lot of time, patience, and hard work. Hence, you can conclude, that it is also what you need to do if you want to grow your business! Indeed, you need to be prepared to have some failures and disappointments. However, if you are persistent, all of your hard work will pay off. Are you planning to start a business? Maybe you already started? What are your experiences?

About the Author 

Ellen is an entrepreneur and journalist living and working in Albuquerque. She worked at several newspapers before she decided to start her own online business. Like everyone else, she had difficulties in the beginning, but after researching and investing in her project, she became successful. In her articles, she writes about her own experiences with a desire to help others like her.

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