Best Ever AC Repair Dubai

AC Repair Dubai

Dubai is undoubtedly said to be the jewel of modern cities. One of the fastest growing Economies, hub of technologies and most prominently real estate and ease of doing business. Ranked 11 by the World Bank in the world and 1st in the Middle Eastern region. 

Historically a small town famous for fishing and pearl divers is now being a pearl of the absolute world. But in this region you cannot live without an artificial equipment Known as Air conditioner. 

Air conditioner is not a luxury in Dubai it is a necessity. A place where temperature crosses 45oC in summer and humidity is more than 75% you cannot even think to live without any cooling aid. And in these circumstances Air conditioners plays an essential role in the life of Dubai.

As described it is a man made machine and due to heavy usage it may malfunctioned and need to be repaired. Question is that who can able to repair? There is thousands of workers and companies that offer you the repairing services but you need Best Ever AC Repair Dubai that can able to not just repair they understand your needs too.

In the given Article we discuss about the common repair needs of different types of Air conditioners working in Dubai. Purpose of this article is to educate our valuable customer that you cannot be fooled by someone.

Types & Treatments of Ac’s

Centeral Air Conditioning System:

In huge buildings and malls most often used Air Conditioning system is known as Central Air Conditioning System or HVAC. This is the most effective, elegant and economical in terms of electric consumption. To know about the common problems of any system you firstly need to know about the vital and important information.

As we talk about HVAC it is the abbreviation of Heat ventilation and Air conditioning. As the name describes it has two different parts First is Heat ventilation which can be commenced by a system of ducts at the terminals huge fans are present to extract the hot air out from the area. In this part of system two problems are possible and common. One is the blockage in Ducts and second is the Extraction fan Malfunctions.

Due to heavy usage most of the times the fans loses their speed and performance or stop completely. In the system as both parts are working together so the extraction Air presets according to the incoming air a slight change in this ratio can effect on your whole system.

Second system is bit tricky because it have multiple parts like filters, Compressors, Cooling pipes and exhaust fan any one of the above mention is able to fail your whole system completely. 

Stand Alone Units:

This Kind of systems used in the places where huge gatherings were be cumulated like Banquets and Meeting Halls. These units consist of two parts known as inner and outer. Inners are elegantly designed sometimes customary design to match the ambiance. In these inners elegant and sophisticated systems are installed like thermometer and thermostats. It also have a grill to through the chilled air and a grill to suck the hot air. In these Units most common problems that are noticed belongs to the blockage of Air filters and instrumentation failure. As the unit is so expensive so some automatic checks are built in the units and failure of any instrument can terminate the whole cooling process. 

While the outer of this unit placed outside the hall mostly in airy places like roof top or external walls. They are mostly made rough and tough because they need to bare many things out in open air. But to be very honest all the chilled air was generated here. In this outer unit the integral parts like compressor rotation pump and exhausts fans are present in this unit mostly the exhaust fan motor malfunctioned which trips the whole process to secure the compressor from heating. Second problem that was faces is the problem of leakage in the joints of connecting pipes that connects inner and outer units. Which can cause a leak and your cooling agent leaked and your unit stops working.

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