An Entrepreneur’s guide to initiate On-demand movers app development

on demand movers app development

Nowadays, people can buy almost anything through the on-demand service apps. Uber started the trend of availing taxi rides through apps. It was a simple yet effective idea for capturing the attention of people worldwide. Since then, several apps are offering on-demand services for customers that have a workflow similar to Uber and to everyone’s astonishment, most of these apps have become successful among users.

We live in a digital world; most people have smartphones with apps installed to cater to their necessities. Launching an app with the right technology and algorithm is all that is required to become successful in the on-demand sector. This blog is a guide to budding entrepreneurs who are aspiring to step in the online packers and movers market.

Misconceptions related to launching movers app

More than 42% of the US’s adult population have installed at least one on-demand service app. With the current economic trends, people are going to use on-demand service apps more than ever before. But still, some people are uncertain about launching their business through online platforms. They are skeptical about profits and business growth.

Investment cost:  People think that starting a business online would cost more than setting up a brick and mortar store. On the contrary, setting up a business online is a lot simple and requires reduced investment. Entrepreneurs should have a clear understanding of their app functionality and target audience. They can post their ideas on the crowdfunding platforms and easily get the required funding to run their business.

Running business:  People believe in the myth that setting up an online business involves high maintenance cost. All the entrepreneurs have to do is a partner with top app development companies and lay down their requirements and get the app running in a flash. They do need to invest in the labor cost, outlet setup cost, and other business-related costs.

Network building: Customers are required in order to expand your business and gain lump sum profits. It is challenging to campaign for stores as it is difficult to gain users’ trust. With an effective marketing team, you can promote your app business on major social media platforms and establish your presence among the targeted audience within a few months. Customer reviews will act as an effective tool to gain customers’ trust.

On the whole, on-demand service apps have all the required aspects to establish your business presence among a wider audience. Studies show that the online app business brings profits that are several times greater than a traditional business.

Pivotal aspects to consider during On-demand movers app development

Movers app development is an end to end process; it requires a well-laid out plan to become successful. Here are some the crucial elements to be considered during development:

Identify the target audience

There are different areas of scope for the movers’ app. Depending on the requirements of the target audience, the features have to be developed. Here are some of the sectors where movers app can be useful:

Freight and logistics business: The companies move several loads of freight on a daily basis. With an efficient app like Uber for movers, they can track and assign goods for dispatch accordingly. The entire business of the company revolves around offering logistics services. So by partnering with these companies, apps can gain significant profits regularly.

Car transportation service: Just like the case of the Freight and logistics business, the car manufacturers and other vehicles manufacturers require dispatch and pickup service. Using the movers app, they will be able to manage their business effectively.

Domestic shifting service: When people shift to a new location, they require the assistance of skilled professionals to handle their goods delicately. As per customer requirements, professionals can offer packaging services, moving, and relocation services.

Likewise, office relocation services can also be offered by the packers and movers app.

Decide on features: Once you have made your decision regarding the target audience. It is time to build the app features according to it. Here are some of the features offered by popular apps:

Customer app

  • Simple registration process
  • Geo-location
  • Movers profile
  • Secure payment modes
  • In-app call & chat facilities
  • Booking history
  • Reviews and ratings

Professional executive app

  • Toggle availability
  • Accept/ reject order
  • Earnings viewing panel
  • View customer reviews
  • View customer order details

Admin app

  • Dashboard management
  • Driver management
  • Advance report & analysis
  • Heat map
  • Customer management
  • Set discounts & offers

Development process

There are several stages involved in the app development process, such as front-end development, back-end development, and UI/UX integration, etc. It would be optimum to start the development process with front-end development and proceed with back-end development. As the changes can be integrated into the app development process.

Wireframing: There are two stages involved in developing the app’s wireframe: low fidelity and high-fidelity. In low fidelity, the skeleton for the app is developed, then the process of detailed development begins with the high-fidelity prototype approach.

Mockups: Movers app built with the entire functionality in the mockup stages and designed according to the users’ requirements.

Then the back-end development takes place. Before releasing the app’s main version, it would be better to release the app’s beta version or preview. As per the audience response, the main product can be released. It is one of the effective ways to build the product according to the likes of customers. MNCs like Microsoft release the preview version of their OS before releasing the main product.

Summing Up:

With the technological advancement in the current era, it is not a complex task to develop and deploy the app for movers and packers. But it requires the right development approach; for this, the assistance of an expert developers team from reputed companies will come in handy. Find the best app development company for your product launch, to ensure your success in the market. App development is a one-time investment process, once developed; it only requires minor enhancements along the way.

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