Closed vs Glass Kitchen Cabinets

closed vs glass kitchen cabinets

Kitchen cabinets are installed in kitchens for storage of cooking equipment, silverware and dishes. They are installed either on floors or walls. While installing kitchen cabinets, the most important thing is functionality. Homeowners install cabinets as per their day to day requirements which involves numerous innovations.

Kitchen cabinets:

Cabinet doors feature a variety of material such as metal, glass or wood. A well-organized kitchen can make your space your space look stunning. To make your kitchen look organized, it is necessary to choose the right storage cabinets. There are two types of storage options- open storage cabinet or glass cabinets and closed storage cabinet. We have put together the advantages and disadvantages of both types of cabinets. Read on to know about designing a functional and stylish kitchen!

Glass Door Cabinets:


When you plan for open or glass display cabinets that mean you are planning to showcase whatever you put in there. This is the choice when you are good at keeping things in an organized manner and if you have several kitchen appliances or pieces that are worthy of being displayed.

Unlike open cabinet, it does not let anyone touch the pieces kept inside but allow things inside to be seen, keeping it protected. There are different types of glass used for each unique design. They range from pebbled glass, seeded glass, textured glass, swirled or frosted glass.


One of the biggest issues with this type of kitchen cabinets is that an extra effort is needed to clean them.

If you buy too many canned goods and snacks, you will have to store them with your vintage crockery set, this can be little messy and glass shelving will not hide them.

The best option is to have a customized kitchen cabinet that comprises of the glass-covered cabinet for your vintages crockery set and metal or wood cabinet for canned goods.

Closed Door Cabinets


With closed-door cabinets, there is a place for everything. Having storage with doors, be it metal or wood, make the place look clean and compact. With so many choices of material, one can style their kitchen cabinets in any way they want.

The doors can be painted in different colours and textures, giving the kitchen your desired look. They even slow down the everyday wear and tear giving shelves and cabinet a longer life. 


While closed kitchen cabinets or modular kitchen are the most preferred choice, they are comparatively expensive. If you are planning for long term future needs then closed cabinets are the best investment. Apart from this while opting for closed cabinets, you will have to think about how they fit into your space and overall decor, unlike open kitchen cabinets that work for all sizes of kitchen.

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