wpf roadmap

A comprehensive look at the WPF Roadmap

Introduction When Microsoft first introduced Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) in 2006, it represented a true discovery in application design and development. WPF allowed developers to make intuitive User Experiences (UX) for both standalone and browser-based applications. With simplified understanding of routed events in WPF, the event of complex GUI applications with separate UI and business logic has got simplified and provided a…

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start new salon

How to Jump Start your new Salon

You’re in excellent company if you’re thinking of launching a new firm, especially one that involves operating a salon: Hair care is the largest segment of the beauty market, which is valued over $56 billion yearly and has a strong global presence. Fortunately, even during economic downturns, there is never a lack of individuals wishing…

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recruitment mechanisms

It’s Harder Than Ever for Recruiters to Fill Positions: Here’s How to Outcompete the Competition

In this article we will give you some recruitment tips to outcompete the competition. Analyzing and expanding the recruitment strategies can help find reasonable employees for the organization. Try This Website to Leading Agencies Recruiting for Dubai. Emphasize employee referrals: It is one of the most effective and efficient strategies for the development of companies….

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