Dearborn Michigan New Roof: 8 Layers for Durable Roofing System

durable roofing system

A roof looks like a mere layering of shingles from the top view. However, lots of work goes into Dearborn Michigan new roof installation. Multiple layers of different materials are put together to form the roofing system. These layers will help you withstand the elements and maintain the temperature inside.

Layers That Make Dearborn Michigan New Roof Durable

Each layer in the roofing system has a purpose. Their primary purpose is to work together to strengthen the roof system and guarantee the safety and comfort of the dwellers. Here are the 8 layers of a standard roofing system and their functions.

1. Insulation

Insulation is one of the elements of a standard roofing system. It is a barrier between the beams that uphold the roof or beam along the attic floor. Adequate insulation reduces the transfer of heat between your living space and outside. This creates a cooler home in summer and a warmer atmosphere in winter. In addition, insulation retains energy and alleviates cooling and heating loads on the air conditioner. It also improves the home’s overall energy efficiency rating. 

2. Ventilation

As a part of the roofing system, the attic must be well ventilated. Roof ventilation promotes natural airflow in the attic space and maintains a stable temperature and humidity state. Intake and exhaust vents are part of the ventilation system. Static vents, gable vents, and ridge vents are common types of vents. A standard ventilation system will reduce ice dams, promote better living conditions, reduce energy bills and make your roofing system durable.

3. Roof Deck

The roof deck is also referred to as sheathing. This is the layer installed on the framing. It provides the base on which every other roofing material is laid. Although several materials are used for roof decks, plywood and OSB sheet are the most common ones. Also, the roof deck provides a nail bed to keep the shingles intact.

4. Underlayment

Underlayment is a safety layer installed directly on the roof deck. It provides an additional layer of water resistance against leakages. Felt is the most common type of underlayment used in modern structures. Felts are durable paper that is saturated with asphalt. Roof underlayment generally guides against water penetrating your roof deck even when the shingle is broken or torn. 

5. Ice and Water Protection

Ice and water shields are more of additional protection like the roofing felt. It is a waterproof membrane complete with a polymer-modified bitumen adhesive. A sticky surface adheres to the roof deck to form a watertight seal. Making use of ice and water shields will get rid of water intrusion into your home.

6. Ridge Vents

Vents are installed at the top of a sloped roof. It is a part of the ventilation system. Ridge vents are covered by roofing materials and are built along with the spaces on the sides of the roof cap. With this layer, hot air in the attic can automatically get released outside, causing cooling along the roof deck. 

7. Roofing Material

The final layer of the roof is the roofing material you decide to use. For residential, the most common roofing materials are shingles. Some other materials include metal, wood, tiles, and shakes. This is the most important part of the roofing system because they are seen and exposed to harsh elements. In addition, roofing materials are essential for building aesthetics in patterns, colors, and textures.

8. Flashing

Roof flashing is a thin flat waterproof material installed at intersections of different roof planes. Several materials such as aluminum, zinc alloy, copper, and galvanized steel are used for making roof flashing. It stops water penetration at specific roof areas such as plumbing vents, walls, chimneys, eaves, skylights, etc.


When constructing a durable roofing system, working with professionals’ matters. Improper Dearborn Michigan new roof installation can lead to disaster. A licensed and insured roofing contractor should be invited to handle your roofing project. Do not try to cut corners by making use of cheap roofing contractors. Get your free estimate, and then proceed to get quality workmanship.