Everything You Need to Know About El Al Airlines’ Refund Policy

el al airlines' refund policy

If you’ve ever been on an El Al Airlines Refund flight, you know that the rules and regulations regarding refunds can be confusing at best. If you have any questions about what to do if your El Airlines Flight is delayed or cancelled, how to file a claim or compensation, or even whether you’re eligible for an El Al Airlines Refund in the first place, this comprehensive guide to ElAl Airlines’ refund policy will help clear things up once and for all.

Frequently Asked Questions

El Al Airlines’ refund policy is actually pretty generous compared to other airlines out there. If you book a ticket and are unable to use it within one year of purchase, El Al Flight Reservation will give you a full refund provided that it was booked within 14 days. If it was booked more than 14 days out, they’ll give you half your money back. And if you can’t use your ticket at all, they will issue a credit that can be used in 6 months or more. No matter what type of refund you receive, all tickets must be rescheduled within 2 years.

Terms & Conditions

El Al Airlines Flight Ticket has strict terms and conditions that must be adhered to in order for you to receive a refund. With some airlines, all you need do is ask nicely and they’ll hand over your money; others will make things as difficult as possible. El Al airlines tends towards the latter – it is much harder to obtain a refund from them than from most other carriers – but when you can get one, you’ll find that it’s relatively easy, especially if your fare is a fully refundable one. What does fully refundable mean? Well, with fully refundable fares, there are no hidden clauses or tricky requirements for making your claim. In fact, getting a refund on these ElAl Airlines Tickets is exactly as simple as asking for one.

Refund Calendar

El Al Airline’s refund policy is based on a calendar, not a mileage-based policy like American Airlines or British Airways. ElAl Airline grants refunds in advance, meaning that you can book and cancel a flight within 24 hours of booking and be issued a full refund. There are no other exemptions. After 24 hours, however, all bets are off (unless it’s seven days prior to departure). A flight you’ve purchased must be cancelled at least 24 hours prior to take off; after that time, El Al Airlines cancellations will incur an 80% fee for each ticket purchased through ElAl Airlines.

Exceptions to the refund policy

Although you may be able to get an El Al refund Policy on your ticket, there are exceptions when you will not receive a refund. The most common exception is if you have purchased an upgrade in seat class with ElAl Airline Ticket and do not use it. If you choose not to fly as scheduled, even at a later date within El Al Flight Booking period, or no show for ElAl Airlines Flight, refunds will not be given for non-refundable tickets, whether or not they are subject to change fees (note that in many instances change fees will apply). Depending on which airline issued ElAl Airlines Ticket, certain modifications can also affect how much of a refund is due.

How to obtain a refund?

ElAl airlines offer limited refunds for their tickets. El Al Airlines Tickets booked between thirty and forty days prior to departure will be subject to a penalty of 20% of fare, plus $35 per passenger. Tickets that are cancelled up until 24 hours before ElAl Airline’s Flight are refundable with a penalty of 100% of fare, plus $35 per passenger. Passengers who cancel during boarding face a 200% penalty of fare, plus an additional $150 fee per seat. The only way around these penalties is if El Al Airlines can re-sell your ticket at its full value.

What are your rights when traveling with children?

Under EU law, customers have certain rights when traveling with children. EU 261/2004 stipulates that those who fail to comply with these rules face a fine of up to €300,000 ($400,000). Regardless of whether your flight was with El Al Airlines or any other airline, understanding your rights and knowing how to exercise them is essential for a stress-free trip. That said, it’s also important that you pay attention to small details—such as where in an airport’s terminal you should look for lost luggage and what exactly constitutes an excess fee—because failure to do so can easily lead you into trouble.

When do I need to present my credit card or El Al Airlines Reservation Number?

El Al Airlines may request to see your credit card or ElAl Airlines Reservation Number when you check in, at boarding and then again upon arrival. If you don’t have it ready, they’ll ask you to provide it before they hand over your luggage. For lost or stolen items, El Al Airlines will provide a document without these details; however, if there is an issue with customs on arrival into your destination country and ElAl Airlines needs to assist in retrieving an item from customs, they will require written confirmation of payment. Make sure that no matter what you’re travelling with that you’re able to produce a credit card receipt on demand as proof of purchase.

What if I lose an item in transit, after taking delivery of my baggage?

El Al Airline generous refund policy applies to lost items. Passengers who discover missing items within 24 hours after they take delivery of their baggage are entitled to claim a refund. The airline provides a free postage label for you to return your missing item(s) in. Make sure you keep your receipts as proof of purchase in case you need them later. If, however, your item goes missing outside of 24 hours after you have taken delivery, El Al Airlines Flight Booking will only accept it back if it has not been put into use or used for its intended purpose.

What happens if my checked baggage is delayed by more than 12 hours?

El Al Airlines has a defined structure of things that happen if your baggage is delayed. If your bag is delayed by 12 hours or more, you’ll be compensated according to El Al Baggage Policy. El Al Airlines offers varying levels of compensation depending on which status level you are in at purchase. However, compensation will not be given in instances where delays are due to circumstances beyond ElAl Airlines control (such as weather or security related delays). Compensation may also be denied if proper documentation cannot be presented with regards to ownership and/or identification of your checked items.

Who is responsible for damage caused during transportation in excess of $100 USD/$100 CAD?

The cost of repair or replacement is borne by those responsible. In other words, those who packed it (and therefore caused any damage) will be required to pay for any repairs. On top of that, they’ll have their item placed on a two-year blacklist, which means they can’t use ElAl Airlines to ship anything ever again. This is your incentive as a customer—or at least it should be—to make sure you get things packed properly and handled appropriately if you expect El Al Airlines or its partners to compensate you for any problems.