When is it Time to Replace Your Cell Phone?

replace cell phone

Is it getting time to think about buying a brand new cell phone? The usual life span of a phone is about 3 years. As it gets to the end of its shelf life, your phone will begin to slow down. It can also show other signs of wear and tear. If you are beginning to see these signs, you should think about getting a new one.

When You Break it Beyond Repair

One of the clearest indications that it’s time to replace your cell phone will come when you actually drop, crush, or break it in some way. If this should occur, you’ll very obviously be in need of a new one. Cell phones are plentiful on the market and easy to replace. You should bite the bullet and make the call.

Of course, it may also be that your cell phone isn’t actually beyond repair. If the cover is toast or the screen is broken, these are still relatively minor incidents. There may also be ways to replace the sound card or other parts. Your best bet in a case like this will be to do a quick search on the web using the terms “iPhone repair Houston.”

When Your Phone No Longer Gets Updates

Another sure sign that you need to get a new cell phone is when you begin to notice that your phone no longer gets a regular series of updates. These updates are what keep your phone current and up to speed with other models. But at some point, the maker will decide to close the book on the model that you are using.

When this happens, the maker will usually issue a message to users that you have received your last update on that particular model. This means that the life span of your phone is effectively coming to an end. You can keep on using your phone for the time being. When it wears out, you will need to buy a new one.

The life span for updates is usually three years. This is about the life span of most cell phone models to begin with. When the updates cease, it means that the model you are using is about to be phased out. There is little point in trying to repair a phone that is obsolete. Your best bet will be to buy the new model.

When You No Longer Get Tech Support

One of the most recognizable signs that it’s time to upgrade your cell phone is when you can no longer have access to 24/7 tech support. When this occurs, the phone you are using can be officially considered out of date. The maker has ended all possibilities of fixing issues using their convenient online support.

Allied with the loss of tech support will be the fact that you can no longer get any kind of replacement parts for your phone. As a result, you’ll soon be left with a useless hunk of plastic. It may go on just fine for some weeks, months, or a year. Sooner or later it will glitch out and you will need to replace it.

The Camera is Out of Date or Damaged

How well is the camera in your phone working? If it’s like most phones, you will probably get a few good years out of it. However, you will also slowly begin to notice that the photos and video footage you get from your phone aren’t quite as good as they used to be.

This is because, like all the other parts of your phone, it is slowly beginning to wear out. You may also notice that others get far brighter and clearer videos thanks to their much newer phones.

The Time to Replace Your Phone is Now

You can wait until the very last moment to get a new phone. This may be your way of making the most of a bad economic patch. You may also be in a mood to get as much use out of your cell phone as you can before it’s finally time to get a new one. However you feel, one thing is for sure: The time for a new model is now.

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