Why study in the Prague Czech Republic

Prague Czech Republic

The world has turned into a global village that has increased the opportunities for people to study in a collaborative environment. Owing to this, individuals prefer going abroad to gain knowledge, and Europe is one of the most aspired destinations. 

The higher education originated in Central Europe with the foundation of Charles University in Prague back in the year 1348. Since then, the Czech Republic is famous for offering top-quality education to national and international students. 

The Czech Republic has a unique position on the world map owing to its historical places, ancient buildings, mega libraries, museums and incredible natural beauty. So, there can be many factors about the country that may influence your decision to pick Prague as your destination for study abroad. 

Want to study at a foreign land? The article is aimed at helping you know about study prospects in the Prague Czech Republic. Hopefully, it will help you get some useful insights. 

Top Reasons to study in the Prague Czech Republic 

Nevertheless, the quality of living and other perks associated with the educational opportunities of the Czech Republic encourage the people significantly. Besides this, the universities in the Czech Republic, especially in Prague have earned a distinctive reputation among the global educational institutions. 

So, why not opt for Prague while selecting a country to study abroad? Here are the reasons!

Admissions in the Czech Republic Universities 

It is imperative to understand that the universities purely offer admissions based on merit. In this regard, no one can get an exception in merit owing to nationality. So, the students from EU, non-EU and EEA, all have to pay full tuition fee without any discriminator concessions. Similarly, the universities in the Czech Republic offer tuition fee relaxation for the students on an equal basis. 

So, it would help if you discussed with study consultants for selecting suitable universities that offer admission to Pakistani students with concession in tuition fee. It will help you find lucrative options to study abroad. 

Convenient English Proficiency requirements

English capability test authentication such as TOEFL and IELTS is a necessity for affirmations in any program which is taught in English at the universities of Prague Czech Republic. Besides this, you need to provide other required documentation, including the academic transcripts, suggestion letters, and letter of the plan will be required for admission in your desired study program. 

Part-Time Work in the Prague Czech Republic 

Generally, students are allowed to work as a part-timer up to 10 to 30 hours per week.  However, it would be best if you concentrated on your studies well because the Ministry of Education, Youth, and the Sports Czech Republic keep a check on the students. However, once you have satisfied them by complying with the regulations, you can get a business card. The work card is legitimate for a long time. 

The students who go for advance study courses can use their student card for getting a job opportunity. The primary cause is the business which has recruited them should answer to the provincial office of nearby work administrations about the work contract when you begin working. 

Easy acquisition of student visa the Czech Republic 

The students from EEA and EU don’t need to acquire a visa for studying in the Czech Republic. However, students from other countries need to obtain a visa. However, the process is handy, and you just need to apply for it with confidence. 

The process of acquiring a student visa for the Czech Republic may take 2-3 months before the start of university classes at Prague. So, you will be needed to give IELTS, TOEFL declaration to demonstrate language capability, your public identification as the citizen of a particular country (NIC or Passport). 

Besides this, you need to submit passport-size pictures; admission confirmed letter, bank proclamation, and receipt of paid fee for the course. Make sure to provide a receipt of paid convenience lease and clarification of criminal record from police headquarters close to your home.

The process of admission is comprehensive as you have to fulfil the required criterion. If you want to study in Prague, get assistance from study consultants to pick a suitable study program in your desired university with complete admission processing. It will ease your work leading to a successful landing on the soil of the Czech Republic. 

Brighten your future by studying in the Prague Czech Republic!

Summing up, many people overlook the importance of the Czech Republic while choosing their options for study abroad. However, the country is a member of the Schengen States and the European States. It means that once you have got admission in any university in Prague, you will be able to explore the world for knowledge acquisition. So, pick your options today for a better tomorrow!

Last but not least, the Czech Republic is famous for top-class education at affordable fees.  The country has a rich historical background which makes it a unique source of learning besides the state of art education system. Presently, the country is accommodating thousands of international students in different study programs. What’re your plans?

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