How Using Technology in Education Foster a Better Future for Kids?

technology in education

We all know that when it comes to adopting new technologies, the education sectors are not the first to use it. Despite the fact that they are preparing our children for the future, they don’t always take initiative to adopt new technology. And this is the reason behind slower growth of digital transformation in the education sector. Having said that, it doesn’t mean that they are not taking place.

If we look at the top digital transformation happening in different industries, we will see that the education sector is coming up to adopt new technologies. Here in this article we will go through some trending technologies in this sector.

Virtual Reality

Many schools nowadays are adopting virtual reality or augmented reality to teach their student’s subjects like history, travel, and other subjects. Through this student can experience and learn things in a better way. And it is assumed that more and more schools will use these technologies in their classrooms as they become more affordable.

Many children are using devices with virtual reality features to play games. This will help them understand technology in a better way. If your kids are also demanding this type of devices, but you are unable to give them due to some reasons like financial crisis, job loss, etc, then you can opt for emergency money for unemployed and buy your kids the device which they want.

Now, coming to our earlier discussion about usages of virtual reality in the education sector, there is a famous product from Google called ‘Google Expeditions’ which makes the classroom augmented reality more attainable with various views available through a simple mobile application. For example, a virtual tour of Mount Everest. These types of things can keep students engaged and excited about learning in the future. We can see more use of virtual reality in the coming time.

IoT (Internet of Things)

Now is the time to bring the internet of things for discussion and use in the classroom in the education sector as well. It has many benefits like it can enable a teacher to share the test result of students with other teachers and to the respective parents in real-time, which will alert the students to be ready to face any issue at their home or in schools. It can even automatically detect all the information related to homework such as when it was completed, how much it took for the student to complete it.

With this information, teachers can have a better understanding of their teaching methods, assignments, and study hours of a student. These all are very valuable information that can make a digital transformation in the education sector even better. Also, it can give some peace to students while doing their homework.

Artificial Intelligence and Big Data

There is a huge opportunity for artificial intelligence and big data in the education sector. With the help of these technologies’ schools can move from standardized testing data to a structured data which will help them understand their students very well.

Teachers can gather data from different states and schools and analyze them in order to improve their testing pattern which will eventually help them assess their students in a better and effective way.

Personalized Learning

Many times, we see students with high cognitive abilities, but their grades are very low. Not all students have the same power to study and keep things in mind for a longer duration. Hence, personalized learning with the help of new technologies can help students overcome this problem.

For example, technology like Dragon Speak can help students to write their notes with the help of their voice, which gives them an opportunity to regardless of their ability to spell or write it. Also, they can learn things easily via audio books, rather than putting their time and energy in reading a textbook. This is very helpful for kids who suffer from these types of issues. It could prove to be a game-changer in the digital transformation world in the education sector.

Safety and Security

If you look at schools around you, you will see that they all have high walls and security personnel standing at the gates. This is very necessary for the physical protection of the school’s students. But what about digital protection? As we are moving more towards digital transformation, the threat of digital insecurity also rises exponentially.

We need to make sure that our students are safe from cyber dangers. With the help of AI and Machine learning, the safeguarding can be quite easier. Hence, proper security from cyber-attacks and potential loss of data should put up very efficiently.  

The Conclusion

We can say that there are many digital transformations which are taking place in education sector nowadays. It is obvious that there will be some differences in the technologies being used by the schools who are rich and have enough money to spend on the latest technology than those who have a tight budget. However, the change we will see in the future due to these technologies will be very impressive.

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