10 Signs You Might Need a New Web Designer

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Business websites are the virtual faces of the company and that is why we have to make sure that you have put the best foot forth. 

Therefore it has to be much more than a sleek appearance and a successful web design. Your website should not just have an eye-catching logo but it should also be simple-to navigate, functional and enable more sales. 

While there are some obvious symptoms like an excruciatingly slow load speed or a very outdated site that tell you that you need a site redesign, often you may not be able to tell if your site calls for a revamp. 

Here are some signs that tell you why your site needs to undergo a revival. Take a look. 

Slow Page Load Speeds –

When visitors come to your site they want to find relevant info fast. Almost 50% of the consumers expect the site to load in a couple of seconds or less and almost 40% will leave the site if it takes more than 3 seconds for loading. For attracting customers you have to maintain a site that loads fast and is updated. Here are some reasons for slow speed – 

  1. Slow response time of server 
  2. Disabled compression 
  3. Excessive redirects 
  4. Excessive resources 
  5. Un-optimised Images 
  6. No cached resources 
  7. Visible contents is not prioritised 
  8. CSS is not responded 
  9. Excessive render-blocking JavaScript 
  10. Too-small sizes 
  11. Excessive plugins 
  12. Typography isn’t SERP-friendly 

A redesign can help to mitigate these issues and enhance the speed and performance. 

High Bounce Rate –

The percentage of single-page visitors to the site is how Google defines bounce rate. In other words, it refers to those people who just visit the first page after landing on your page. Instead of exploring the other pages, the visitors who bounce could either not find what they wanted, lose interest in learning more of what you offered or find the site page too difficult to use or load. 

A fresh design can help and if the bounce rate is almost 70-90% through the site, redesign is the first thing that you can think of. 

Isn’t Consistent –

Your site can lack consistency if you have had one or more different teams of developers work on your site over the years. The things that can lack consistency across the site are

  1. Shades 
  2. Fonts 
  3. Images 
  4. Logos
  5. Navigation 
  6. Calls to Actions
  7. Page Formatting 

All these make the site disorganised and confusing. Beginning fresh with a new site can eliminate these issues and bring in consistency.

Not Responsive or Mobile-friendly –

Mobile traffic had surpassed the site traffic back in 2016. So if your users still have to pinch and zoom to view the contents of your site while using a mobile or tablet then it is safe to say that it is not responsive. So you are losing out on valuable traffic and also being reprimanded by search engines with lower rankings in SERPs or Search Engine Pages.

Lacks A Proper Purpose –

Does your goal clearly state brand and identity? Are the products or services offered clearly visible? Are the CTAs aligned properly with your company goals? Every online business must have some goals like increasing leads, building credibility, supporting marketing efforts etc. Your site must accomplish these goals, otherwise you should revamp it so that it does.

Design is Outdated –

If you are growing your business for the past few years and your site has not been updated since then your site is too old. For your growing number of service your navigation may take too long now and your audience may find it too long to find what they seek. As website redesign can solve this issue. 

Can’t be Found on Google –

There are a variety of reasons that can prevent your site from coming up in the first page or two of search engines. The usability, the amount of contents added, responsiveness, load times of ages all contribute to determining your site ranking. So naturally you have to revive your site if want to pull up its rank on search engines

Doesn’t Reflect Your Brand –

The first impression that users get on visiting your site can really impact your opportunity to gain a potential customer. So along with your products and services your desktop should also evolve. So you should ensure that your site aligns with your brand and message and addresses the pain points of customers as they are today and not what they were earlier. Otherwise it can form a major disconnect and your business will suffer.

Difficult to Navigate Through –

If visitors get lost in your site you can kiss your potential leads goodbye. That is why you should ensure that your visitors find what they are looking for within a couple of clicks.  This implies that your site design must be easily navigable. You can check your competitors’ websites to see how to present info and that can be the starting point of your redesign.

Hard to Update –

If you have to depend on your developer for every minor task on your site like editing or adding new blogs or contents, then it is costing you both time and money. There are several easy CMSs that make it simple for marketers to do almost anything on their site without needing any code or designer. Rebuild your site if you can’t do that.

These are some of the tell-tale signs that signal that you need to hire a reputed web designing company and should give your website a revival so that it represents your brand and delivers the results that you wish to achieve.

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