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strapping in details

Speaking about Strapping, it is also termed as banding and is widely used in the industrial sectors. They are used to combine and stabilize bundles of raw materials and products whiles storing or shipping. Using this, you can make your materials look good and professionally arranged. This will help you to make sure that your products are being shipped safely. It is a fact that industrial strapping plays a major role in all the trading businesses. With a perfect banding, you can secure the products from harming its surroundings and protect the goods against damages due to unexpected events.

It can be made of different materials to offer different levels of banding effect. For example, the most widely used straps are nylon, steel, polyester, paper, corded, and woven. Humi Pak is a leading brand for offering quality Packaging Materials and Strapping in the market today. With the company, you can get high-quality products at the best prices. 

Different Types of Straps That You Can Get 

  1. Nylon made straps

Nylon webbing is a highly recommended type of strapping material, and the reason behind this is its maximum level of durability. In detail, nylon straps are made of three different plastics that let the belts become very versatile. You can stretch the straps conform to the products’ shape while offering a great level of securing effect. Well, you may find it a little costly, but the result that you will get will be very remarkable.

  1. Steel made straps

These are generally made of durable stainless steel materials. Besides, these are the oldest forms of banding tools. You can always use such straps to secure heavy objects without cracking or bending them. However, don’t cross its maximum holding limit, or it can damage your products. Such types of Packaging Materials are still used in a huge quantity.

  1. Woven or cored straps

Made of rayon as well polyester, such straps offer greater flexibility and stretchability if you compared it with other types of straps. As these are woven, they create a much secure and stronger bundling.

  1. Polypropylene straps

These are mainly made of thermoplastic polymer. This particular material is lightweight, non-corrosive, and hard-wearing. Besides, such straps can easily withstand heavy pressure and work great against different weather conditions. You can get it in different designs and sizes. 

  1. Polyester straps

These are also called PET straps and made of nylon and woven polyester. These straps are considered as reliable as well as durable banding systems for different types of packaging. These straps are rust-free and do not contain any harmful environmental factors.

  1. Plastic strapping

In general, plastic strapping components are made from polypropylene and cotton. Besides, these are available in different styles and features. While buying a plastic strap, you need to consider the restoration needs and elongation factor of the product. 

Some of the Common Strapping Terms to Know

Just like other industrial practices, strapping also has different sets of vocabulary attached to it. These are the terms that assist the professionals in knowing what the best kind of strapping is. Besides, they can determine how perfectly the straps will work to hold the things up. However, here are some common terms and their meaning. 

  1. Tension

Pushing or pulling process to tighten the strap. Straps need to be tightened perfectly around the product. 

  1. Core Size

It is the diameter and depth of the coil of the strap. The core size needs to be perfect to be used in a machine. 

  1. Elongation

This is the total amount of stretching in the strap while developing the tension. 

  1. Thickness

It is the physical thickness of the strap.

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