Top 7 Online Logo Makers Available to Use

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Having the graphic and public representation of your company or your product is essential to guide you in the advertising work. Surely at some point, you will have detailed the impact of a good logo, and indeed an eye-catching logo that relates to your concept is essential. Therefore, it is possible that on the internet, you find websites to make free or low-cost logos.

Electronic commerce’s influence has made the participation of companies in social networks even more necessary. To be successful, one of the many requirements is to have the best logo.

However, many are still starting their business and do not have the resources to pay for a professional logo. With all this, multiple express design web pages have emerged that allow you to access a basic logo. This article will show you the best 7 platforms to make logos.

Here are top 7 logo making tools to try


DesignEvo is free to use and you do not need to register to access the logo editor. Even so, all you need is to select a premade templates from its template gallery of more than 10,000.

This platform works in canvas mode with which you can create the logo from scratch. Therefore, if you have a good imagination and patience, you can get a lot out of this tool. If you want to quicker your logo design, then starting by selecting a logo template would be an excellent way to get your logo file.


Canva is a design page with a free and premium option. The templates that Canva offers are of excellent quality, and you can modify them to your liking by adding your own files. Likewise, you can easily mortify your logos without being a design expert. And you can choose the templates according to your need.

However, you will need to register on the page to access the editing tool.


TailorBrands is a paid website with a free option. It is one of the best websites that uses artificial intelligence to analyze your preferences. Luckily, it is a page with a comfortable and professional appearance that you will not have handling problems. Still, To use this tool, you have to continue with the registration to continue with the design.


This website is excellent for making free logos. It’s fast, clean, and easy to use without the need for registration. So if you are a novice, then it would be good for you to try this tool.

It is important to note that this platform belongs to Shopify, representing one of the most renowned e-commerce managers on the router consistent internet.


With this free platform, you can easily create logos without the need for prior registration. It works similarly to Hatchful. Therefore it is a tool that is easy for beginners to use. On the contrary, the only negative point is the little variety of designs that you can find.


This free tool also works in conjunction with artificial intelligence like others mentioned and with the use of templates. It is also very effortless to use this service to modify the preformed templates and adapt them to your tastes. You will also place the name of your brand or your company on the main page. Looka is a fairly used tool so that you may get something for yourself.


This website works on a category basis, so choosing is uncomplicated and straightforward. The design templates offered by this website are basic. Therefore, you can choose to use this tool if you need to get out of the way without complications. However, this tool has the basic function of editing the original template.

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