Step by step guidance to prepare for the defence exams

Step by step guidance to prepare for the defence exams

The Indian Defence forces are epitome of courage and discipline. India is continuously threatened by enemy nations and some internal insurrections. The soldiers of the defence forces always come forward to protect the nation from antagonism. Their valour and extraordinary commitment has earned them great respect and honor. The whole nation venerates them with the status of ‘Hero’ for their extraordinary dedication. A total of 1.4 million active troops have made Indian Defence forces the largest volunteer forces in the world. They not only safeguard their motherland but also offer helping hand to friendly nations. The Indian Defence forces have participated in various peacemaking missions of the United Nations. 

The active participation of youngsters have magnified the strength of Indian Defence forces. To enter the defence forces, candidates need to qualify exams like NDA, AFCAT or CDS. Many youngsters yearn to join the defence forces right after clearing their higher secondary school. All they need to do is qualify the NDA exam. If anyone needs sterling guidance while preparing for the exam, they can link with the most esteemable institute that offers the Best NDA coaching in Chandigarh.

Many candidates ponder on how to prepare for the defence exams? Which are the best ways to crack the exams? To guide the candidates, we have unveiled an appropriate guide. Every defence aspirant can go through these tips to amp up their efficiency for the exam preparation. 

Below is the step by step guidance to prepare for the defence exams:

  1. Go through exam details

The first and foremost step is to collect exam syllabus and patterns. You can get meticulous details from the official website of the Indian Defence forces. Every defence exam has its own exam pattern and syllabus. In addition to this, you need to check the eligibility criteria of every defence exam. It is because you need to fulfill physical eligibility along with age and education eligibility to appear for the defence exams. 

  1. Cherry pick the best study material

Study material plays a crucial role when you start preparing for the defence exams. You need to pick study material according to the exam syllabus. So, have in depth knowledge of the exam syllabus. It will help you choose relevant study material. You can approach candidates who have already cleared the examinations for better guidance. Moreover, there are various online portals that provide sufficient study material for defence exam preparation. 

Those who wish to join the Indian Air force can prepare for the AFCAT exam. To get proper guidance, candidates can join the most prestigious AFCAT coaching institute in Chandigarh.

  1. Follow well-disciplined routine

Preparing for the defence exams requires a well disciplined routine to be followed with stern determination. Defence exams are among the toughest competitive exams. You need to prepare a proper time table. Remember that you need not to prepare for the written exam only but also for the SSB interview. You may need to shun all kinds of social gatherings while preparing for any defence exam. 

  1. Solve maximum mock tests

Are you finding the best ways to ace the defence exam preparation? Try to solve maximum mock tests. It will help you simulate exam experience as mock tests are designed as per actual exam syllabus and pattern. As a result, you will have enough confidence to appear for the exam. Additionally, practicing mock tests will aid in reducing risk of the negative marking in exams. You can choose to solve at least two mock tests per day for effective preparation. 

  1. Go through previous year papers

Previous year papers can help you judge the type of questions and level of difficulty in the exam. It will help you analyze the topics from which the maximum weightage of questions come from. You can solve maximum two previous year papers each day to become proficient in each section of the exam. Additionally, practicing previous year papers will increase your chance of qualifying the defence exam. 

  1. Prepare for SSB interview 

While you concentrate on preparing for the written test, don’t forget that SSB is also in the queue. SSB interview is conducted for the candidates of NDA, CDS and AFCAT. Those who will be able to clear the written exam can appear for the SSB  interview. It is quite hard to prepare for the SSB interview on your own. You can choose to join a coaching institute that can offer you valuable guidance for the written exam as well as SSB interview. 

There are mainly three diversifications of the Indian Defence forces i.e. The Indian Army, Indian Air force and Indian Navy. Among numerous defence exams, many candidates appear for the CDS exam. For help, they can link with a leading institute that is proficient in catering CDS coaching in Chandigarh.


Aforementioned is valuable guidance for the defence aspirants. These tips can serve great help to candidates who are novice to defence exam preparation. If your aim is to join the elite forces of India, adhere to the tips given above. 

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