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On-demand Food Delivery App is trending. All for good reasons. The online food delivery industry is all set to cross $200 billion in 2025. The numbers are too good to ignore. But, it takes a lot more than just launching and operating a successful on-demand food delivery app. Figuring out certain aspects like the on-demand Food Delivery App development process with a food delivery app development company. Furthermore, comparing your app with the competitor’s features and functionalities, validating the idea, target audience, and more is needed to build a food delivery application.

On-demand Food Delivery At The Doorstep

Never thought that all of a sudden, food delivery at the doorstep will become a norm. With the pandemic outbreak, countries have restricted the dine-in options. Thus, the only option to enjoy restaurant meals is to get the food delivery or takeaway. Thus, there was a sudden upsurge in the on-demand food delivery market. UberEats, Postmates, GrubHub, and Seamless are the game changers setting the best example of how one can flourish with an on-demand food delivery app. 

Enormous capital is spent on online food delivery app solutions. If you are a startup and looking for an opportunity this is the right time to make a food delivery app. 

Combating The COVID19 Impact  – Switch To On-demand Food Delivery App

Like we all know how tough are timings as of now. With the Covid10 vaccination, the pandemic might go but it has a long drawn impact on businesses globally. However, with the “New Norm” shaping up, people will still prefer placing orders using the On-demand food delivery app. Thus, we can say that the food ordering and delivery are here to stay.

Building on-demand food delivery apps like UberEats can be extremely helpful in fighting the COVID19 impact. It is a ready-made solution, available on both OS platforms – Android and IOS. Built on scalable technology, this white-label app enables complete customization without any technical assistance. 

The USPs of our Uber Clone App

Switching to contactless deliveries

Integrate your app with Contactless Delivery that ensures no human touch while delivering the food package to the customers. The packages are dropped at the doorstep thus curbing the virus transmission.

Introducing safety badge

The safety badge is provided to those restaurants and eatery joints that are practicing strict safety measures. Thus, the customers will know they are ordering food from a hygienic place.

Restaurants uploading kitchen pictures

The restaurant owners can showcase their kitchen pictures, enabling the customers to know about them following the COVID19 safety measures.

Encouraging digital payments 

Integrating on-demand food delivery apps like Postmates with multiple payment modes of different payment gateways. This way the customers will be able to order more food without worrying. The app will include Debit/Credit cards, NetBanking, Google Pay, Wallet, PayPal, etc.

Handling cash has a high chance of getting infected thus, this curbs the virus transmission at large.

Multiple languages and payments

Our Uber Clone App functions in multiple languages despite geography & allows payments through multiple gateways.

Daywise separate time slots

The restaurant owners can choose their weekdays, weekends, public holiday, and curfew/lockdown timings accordingly suiting to your operating hours.

Restaurant wise commission

The admin can set different commission rates for every restaurant 

Admin monitors performance without stepping out

Monitor total number of orders accepted, canceled orders, ratings & reviews, and other parameters to monitor performance

Voice instruction for the delivery driver

The user can put a voice note for the delivery drivers regarding specific delivery preferences. For instance, not to ring the doorbell, take the staircase, use the other gate, etc.

The dashboard provides seamless order management

The Admin Dashboard offers “God’s view eye” thus monitors the entire business operations on a real-time basis. A total number of orders accepted, canceled orders, orders out on delivery, incoming payments, commission charged, feedbacks and ratings, marketing campaigns, push notifications, etc can be taken care of from here. 

Reporting and Analyzes real-time

Reports are generated thus can be taken for analyzing the scenarios, the trends, and where it needs improvements. Furthermore, it also helps in identifying the opportunities to grow your business despite this terrifying pandemic.

Take Your Business Online with On-demand Food Delivery App

Affordable, hardly taking time to develop, the on-demand delivery app is scalable that effortlessly adapts your business requirements. Sign up for the live demo of UberEats Clone App, Postmates Clone App, GrubHub Clone App and explore the uniqueness of the app offerings. Partner with the professional app development company in India that helps you launch your online food ordering and delivery quickly. 

The On-demand food delivery apps are the perfect way to understand your customer’s behavior with its in-built real-time analytics features. Thus, allowing you to bridge the gap by personalizing the app accordingly.

On-demand food delivery software modules are efficient in all ways. Having user-centric features and friendly interface can help in widening the customer base by making modifications to your white-label UberEats Clone App.

The food delivery app is the perfect way to understand your customer’s behavior with its in-built real-time analytics features. Thus, allowing you to bridge the gap by personalizing the app accordingly.

Enjoy the endless benefits of while label food delivery apps to have a flourishing business. Our PostMates Clone is one of the most reliable platforms when it comes to ordering food. Thus, launching an app like Postmates and UberEates can be highly advantageous that can be launched in just a week. 

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