5 creative ways to reuse your old leather products:

old leather products

Recycling or reuse of old leather products is not only beneficial for the environment but it is good for human beings and animals as well. Do you know the fact that excess use of leather products like leather jackets for men/women, leather belts, nags, shoes and wrist bands are quite harmful for mankind and animals? And they leave hazardous effects on the environment as well? Being a civilized human being it is our job to re-use the old leather products and save this planet from some harmful chemicals. 

Do you have any old leather products in your closet? Like belts, bags, shoes, or leather jackets for men? If yes then take them out of your closet and get ready to reuse them. In the article below i am going to tell you the 5 creative ways to use old leather products. 

Let’s have a look at them. 

Leather Belts: 

All of us must have a clutter of unused leather belts. Keeping them in your wardrobe for a longer period of time is of no use. It’s the right time to take your belts out of your closet and reuse them as your bag straps. Or you can also use an old leather belt as a drawer or cabinet handle. Just Cut the leather belt into some pieces and tie it up as a drawer/cabinet handle. 

If you have more than 10 leather belts, then cut them into a few pieces and they could be used as straps for the chair bottoms. These are few simple tips to reuse leather belts and to save our dear earth from hazardous chemicals. 

Leather Jackets for Men/Women: 

Do you have some old leather jackets in your wardrobe? And you are thinking of throwing them out? If yes, then stop yourself from doing so right away. You can reuse these leather jackets in multiple ways. Take out your old torn leather jacket, cut it in a circular manner, so that it will give the shape of a pouch or a bag. now make a few stripes out of it. Join a stripe with a circular pouch and stitch it using a needle. Tadaa you have a new shopping bag now. 

You can also use an old leather jacket to make some table mats or door mats. In addition to take, cut the old leather jacket to make a mobile phone cover or a notebook cover. Another idea is to cut the leather jacket into small stripes. Now braid them up to make hand bracelets and necklaces. 

Leather boots/ shoes: 

Leather boots are one of the most common leather accessories. Most men and women both have a pair of a leather boot in their wardrobe. Do you know that leather has an expiry date? So if your shoes are expired or you are tired of wearing the same boots over and over again then worry not. Recreate leather boots into some other useful products. Like you can use the old leather boot as a flower pot? Add some soil into it and plant your favorite flower seeds, a few days later your home will get decorated with new flowers and plants. 

Leather Wallets: 

I guess leather wallets have the biggest life span among all other leather products. All men and women mostly have leather wallets and they use them for decades. If your leather wallet is getting old and you are planning to buy a new one, then don’t throw the old one. You can use it up in multiple ways. Like cut leather wallets to make long stripes and you can use them as bookmarks. 

You can use them to create hinges and pull offs for DIY furniture, cabinets and drawers. 

Old Leather bags: 

Every woman must have a pair or two of old leather bags in her closet. If your leather bags are getting old then no problem. You can use them in many other ways. For Example use an old leather bag as an emergency first aid kit in your car, add some basic medicines into it. Or you can use your old leather bag as your camera cover. Put your camera and all its lens in  an old leather bag and it will become easy to carry all the photography essentials with you. 

Wrapping up: 

Here are a few creative ideas to use your old leather products. Even our little contributions towards a pollution free environment can make a greater difference. Be kind to human beings and to our planet earth as well. It’s a hig time to realize that our planet is dying because of use. Make recycling your habit and tell others to do the same. 

Do you have any recycling ideas? If yes then feel free to share them with us in the comment section below. 

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