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Online presence has become essential way of doing modern business. A website tells about your brand its products and services to your potential customers. You must be aware of what is the role of a server for a website. Yes, a server is a machine where the website runs and performs its actions and operation within the operating system present within the server however, there are various server options available in the market which makes it difficult to choose the right server and buy the same. If you want to know how to buy a server for your enterprise you are at the right place.

Here in this blog we will know the right procedure of how you can buy the correct server for all your online business operations:-

How to use a server?

A server is a machine or a program which manages all the working operations and serves other computers connected to it mainly called clients. In short, a computer which shares its resources to other computer or clients is called server. Servers are mainly located at data center.

They are capable to manage all your server operations like hosting websites, travelling secure data, maintaining authorized and unauthorized access, securing emails and so on.

There are various types of server

Database Server

They are the server who stores large amount of data into it. An authenticated user can access this type of database and upload or download the data present on the server.

File Server

These types of server store all types of important files and folders in a centralized location.

Web Server

A web server reply to the request of a visitors by providing certain relate web browser.

Mail Server

Mail servers are quite popular for the online mailing services like mail. They store all the communication related data via emails and provides security to them.

Hence, A server can be used for securing email hosting, file sharing, providing with proper storage capacity for documents, building up a e-commerce store, hosting applications and software’s, disaster recovery and backups etc.

As an enterprise you can empower all your business operations by buying a powerful server.

How to buy a Server?

Server Research

Firstly, you should be aware of what type of applications you are planning to run on your server. This will help you to analyze what type of processor you will require.

These requirements are in terms of the amount of RAM and other advance technology you will need by the server.

For performing, a server research you should have a proper list of applications and software’s that you want to run on the particular server. After this you have to know about the capability to handle the visiting audience on the server (here we are talking about the server load). 

Note down all the server application resources and requirements you will need in the server and add 20% buffer to it.

You can also consult a server experts or a person who has good in depth knowledge related to the same. They can help you match the perfect server for all your needs.

Operating System

Secondly, the choice of server operating system depends a lot. Operating Systems are mainly design to run on server which works on the model of client and server. A server serves a request of clients by a network i.e. it runs other software programs.

It can be difficult to choose the right operating system for your server. You can look after the advantages and disadvantages of each operating system. There are mainly two types of operating system Linux and Windows. Also you can compare and consider both the OS. You can choose the right type of server OS in terms of Flexibility, Scalability, Reliability, Security and Affordability in addition, Linux is a good choice for small enterprise whereas a window OS is the best for the big giants having big IT infrastructure.   

Concerning about Server Location

Location of a server plays a major role in your website performance. It is said that a server should be locate at a place where there are huge number of potential customers are present. This helps in low latency of website and server therefore, you should choose the location wisely. Another option of having a server is having it on Cloud which does not create any locational barriers.


Everyone looks out for cheap and affordable server for their business enterprise. They want to get best server at low cost. There is also a consumer myth where a consumer thinks to buy costly products and services by thinking of the quality assurance. You can optimize your financial resources by a great research analysis and also by deciding a proper budget report for the same.

Renting or owning a server with a certain cost depends highly upon your business requirements Moreover, In order to get best out of the pool you should surely visit different hosting and server websites. And compare the features and cost among them and select the right one which fits into your budget.    

Server Type

There are different types of server available in the market that is capable of providing all your needs. There are generally two types of server namely managed and unmanaged server. Most importantly, a managed server is totally maintained, monitored and managed by the service provider whereas an unmanaged server is a maintained by the buyer itself. It can be only done by a technical know-how person.

An unmanaged server generally comes low cost as compare to buying a managed server. There are merits and demerits of each look after your requirement and select which one to deploy.

Order your Server

Above all, After considering all the above mentioned factors of resources need, budget, and server type and so on. You should look out for the well-known service providers who are there for many years in the market. You can order a physical server. Present at remote location, data center location or a server located on internet mainly called cloud.


In conclusion, we can say that buying a server isn’t a rocket science you just need the right amount of knowledge and research. A right server will fulfill all your business needs and requirements and will help in terms of scaling your business and providing flexibility to it.

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