Build Mr D Food Clone App With New Features To Boost Your Food Delivery Business

mr d food clone app

We are living in the on-demand era. Everything right from food to maid can be arranged on-demand. No wonder, witnessing the boom it brings to the businesses, it is no surprise if entrepreneurs are showing keen interest in developing one. And why not mobile apps have become the necessities of life. Build Mr D Food Clone App to launch your food delivery business in South Africa.

The Purpose To Develop Mr D Food Clone App

With CORONAVIRUS hitting globally, not everyone can go out and dine in a restaurant. Thus, the new normal is to order online using a food delivery app.

The food delivery & takeaway in SouthAfrica have made it easier to offer a convenient mode for ordering food. The primary aim to develop an app like Mr D Food is:

To establish your business brand, connecting your customers with the restaurants. The food delivery fills the gap for the restaurant struggling as well as those who are new.

To search the food items made it hassle-free as it is found in one place. Mr D Food Clone App brings all types of cuisine on a single platform. The users can look and add the items to the cart.

Another objective to build the food and takeaway delivery app in SouthAfrica is it help builds your brand. Thus increasing brand visibility online.

Key Features To Integrate In Mr D Food Clone App

You are launching your food and takeaway delivery app in SouthAfrica. To stand ahead you need to add unique elements and features to get ahead in the race.

Below are the new version features 2021 to implement in your food delivery app:

  • Restaurant-wise commission – it allows you to set different commission rates for every restaurant.
  • Day-wise separate time slots – it allows the restaurant owners to select their weekdays, weekends, and public holidays accordingly and set the business hours.
  • Item name searching – it provides the user with quick name search on the menu and adds it to the cart
  • Voice instruction – it allows the user to put the voice note for the delivery drivers for any specific delivery preferences
  • Upload pictures – the restaurants can upload their pictures to show they are strict in following safety measures
  • Face mask mandatory – the employees, kitchen staff, and delivery drivers are mandatory to wear face masks.
  • Safety badges – the safety badge is provided to those restaurants that are strictly following safety measures.
  • Contact fewer deliveries – this allows the user to choose the delivery preference where the food packages will be left at the doorstep
  • Order cancelation – the delivery driver can cancel the order if they are unable to do it due to unavoidable situations
  • Graphical status icon status – the feature offers the real-time order status through graphical status via in-app notifications.

Apart from the above-mentioned employing  Push-notifications, Food customization, Multiple orders, View past orders, Multiple payments, Multiple language/currency, Live-tracking, Feedback, and rating, will be a bonus through which you will witness an immediate boost in your food orders.

Setting The Budget For Food & Takeaway Delivery App

The more the merrier – the mobile app budget can be as stringent it can be or as elaborate how you wish to be. It completely depends on how much you have got and wish to spend.

However, it is recommended to start with an MVP – Minimum Viable Product business model. It is a basic app with all the essential features and user-friendly navigation. The Mr D Food Clone App will 100 % white-label solution. Thus, can be customized and tweak accordingly. Launching the MVP model will allow you to gauge the consumer responses. Hence, enables you to customize the features, theme, prices, etc. accordingly. Hire a skilled professional app development company to assist you in developing and launching food and takeaway delivery app in SouthAfrica. The team knows what it takes to build a successful app thus, will integrate it with the right features for which the cost is affordable. This way you will be able to start your business in just 5 days.

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