How To Reduce Dandruff and Control Hair fall Effectively?

control hair fall

Most of us are facing problems in hair growth or scalp itching and that’s the major issue, isn’t it?

Even I have been suffered from these problems and found the best solutions which I would like to share with all of you.

Taking care of your scalp is a difficult task for working ladies too. So, here I would enclose about the problems which we guys suffer in day to day life.

Scalp itching is due to dryness on your scalp or irregular washing of your hair. Due to these itching dandruff comes on your scalp and reduces all your proteins from your pores and due to this hair fall starts. Not only by eatables, this problem can be solved but you have to use Anti-dandruff shampoo to get rid of this problem. 

Now the question arises which shampoo to use?

Shampoo which must contain herbs like neem, tea tree oil, aloe vera, Rosemary Tailam, the substance of ginger, ceramide, selenium disulfide. All types of anti-dandruff shampoos will have few substances of these herbs. You have to use shampoo at least twice a week for three months for the best results.

Note, single shampoo to be applied for three months or else your long hairs will get damaged and broken with split ends. 


Itching or dandruff can also be there due to lack of oiling, improper diet or nutrition, and exercises. A proper amount of food is very necessary for your body.

Due to which blood circulates properly and avoids these issues. A balanced diet is a compulsory mark my words. Yup, there are cheat days too where you can eat or consume whatever you wish too.

But simultaneously you have to balance both and that’s up to you. It’s not like food will give you everything, you have to do some work out to stay fit and healthy all over your body. Work out like fast walking, skipping, jogging, cycling, etc. is very important in staying fit and healthy.

Not an issue if you could not do these workout, you can do meditation, yoga which will improve your circulation and digestion part to the best. 

Green tea is an antioxidant and contains bioactive compounds that should be consumed on a daily basis whenever you wish to. This will burn out all your fats and increases circulation and protects the brain from aging. No doubt your skin will start glowing in a few days and will give you a good result on your hair and scalp. 

Similarly, a night of good sleep can also be a major issue of dandruff and hair fall. By proper diet and work out this problem can be eliminated. 

If you are taking any pills, there can be side effects of the same and can be seen on your scalp. Please coordinate with your doctors and anti-dandruff shampoos can be used. There are no side effects in using shampoos when you are taking any type of pills.

Using of Shampoos:

Before applying any anti-dandruff shampoo, apply oil on your scalp for the best result. Oil can be used whichever you feel the best or else go with the season as our elders say.

Oiling will remove dirt from your pores and will make your hair roots strong enough. Proper oiling is the best part of circulation and headache. You know, oiling is great for pores of your scalp as well as your senses too.

Gentle pressing your head after oiling makes your mind calm and sharp which brings positivity in you. If you can keep oily hairs for overnight that will be great or else before a bath at least 2 to 3 hours minimum. After that wash your hairs with anti-dandruff shampoo clearly.

Use this therapy twice a week and you can see the result in a month.

The result which you will receive will keep you loving yourself. Clear scalp with dandruff free, silky, and smooth hairs and will definitely make yourself loved without knowing your age.

Now, you must not use any shampoo as it may or may not suit your hairs and scalp, and may cause more itching on your head.

You can check the list of best anti dandruff shampoos that are top rated and suits almost all type of skin and hairs (and also the main factors to consider before buying a shampoo).

Stay healthy and Love yourself.

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