What are Indian Remy hair extensions?

Renowned all over the world for the exquisite quality and fine texture, Indian Remy hair extensions are the queens of natural hair extensions. Even though they cost a larger price than other 100% human hair extensions many professional extension technicians believe that they are worth every single penny. For the beginners of this beauty ritual it may be confusing so let’s dive in and see what these extensions are all about.

1. Where do they come from?

Indian Remy hair extensions come from donors from all over India. These women are well-known for their long and healthy hair, being the perfect donors for hair extensions. The hair is carefully collected from the best donors and then it is manually selected and processed. The special thing about them is that the hair is 100% natural. This means that it was never dyed and no treatment has been done to them. They are very hair-quality and durable thanks to that and they guarantee unique and glamorous wear.

2. What is so special about it?

One very important point when discussing the quality of hair extensions or Human Hair Wigs is the cuticle. We have to keep in mind that hair is a dead tissue and the microscopic texture of it is very important. The hair is composed of scales that in the best case are arranged in a parallel manner. This is the case of Indian Remy hair extensions. The fact that the hair cuticle is in a parallel pattern gives the hair a finer texture and less breakage and tangling. Also, this pattern guarantees a longer life to your extensions and little to no breakage.

3. What are the advantages of Indian Remy hair extensions?

These hair extensions are famous for the fine and light texture and for the fact that they are very easy to style. There are other types of Remy extensions out there but these are very versatile and they are also suitable for women with finer hair. They are very easy to wear and they don’t give the feeling of “too heavy” that many women with fine hair experience when wearing hair extensions.

4. Are they worth the money?

As we mentioned, these extensions are more expensive than regular ones but this is because the hair donors are very carefully selected. Of course, if you have a more limited budget you can also go for the regular hair extensions but the Indian Remy ones provide a unique quality and a very long and versatile wear thanks to the parallel pattern of the hair cuticle and to the fact that the hair was never dyed or styled before.

If you are looking for ultimate quality and the guarantee of extended wear, Indian Remy Hair Extensions are the best choice for you. Even though they are in the premium range in terms of price they are also in the premium range of quality. You can style them with no worry and they will be your beauty partners for a very long time.

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