How Red Light Therapy Protects Your Skin And Keeps It Glowing

red light therapy

During the Covid-19, everyone became obsessed with skincare routines that are safe and healthy. Regular at-home and have leveled up with no bad reactions.

Protecting your skin and keeping it glowing is the favorite thing of most people these days. Today it has become even easier with the Red Light Therapy, regular at home. 

It’s an easy to go therapy for natural skin stimulating the body’s collagen production and plumping up skin areas where you are losing skin. However, the red light penetrates through the skin within the mitochondria. Meanwhile, ATP (adenosine triphosphate) is responsible for transferring the energy to body cells. 

What Is Red Light Therapy?   

Red light therapy is a non-invasive and harmless anti-ageing treatment. Instead of undergoing radical methods for slowing down aging, this is an easy and secure way for protecting your skin and keeping it glowing. Scientists discovered this treatment for the tons of benefits, you will walk through everything you need to protect your skin under this well-researched technology. 

To improve complexion, cell regeneration, wrinkle-free skin, spot-less faces, and young faces customers have improved muscle recovery and oral health. Hence if you want to investigate the technology before you buy, here’s everything you need to know about the Therapy and how it keeps your skin glowing.  

Red Light devices produce light that is visible to your eyes. As well as infrared wavelengths that are visible outside the spectrum. Most prominently, red LED devices are at-home anti-ageing skincare treatments.

How Red Light Protects Your Skin?

The Light Therapy is a healthy treatment for your skin cells that too contributes to your youthful appearance. 

It is supposed to be acting on the ‘power plant’ on your body’s cells called mitochondria. With the efficient amount of energy provided by the red light to the cells, they become more productive and efficient. Including repairing skin, boosting new cell growth and enhancing skin rejuvenation. Certainly, cells are receiving light wavelengths which stimulate their job, increase your blood circulation and contribute to faster skin cell regeneration. 

The red Light treatment protects your skin health in the following ways:

  • Stimulates collagen production, which gives skin its structure, strength and elasticity.
  • Increase fibroblast production, it makes collagen. Collagen is a component of connective tissues that helps build skin.
  • Increase the blood circulation in cells, to bring more oxygen and nutrients to your skin’s surface.
  • Reduces inflammation in cells.

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What Are The Benefits Of Red Light Therapy?

Most people that are benefitted from the Light Therapy are found involved in treating skin aging and skin spots. Through time, Therapy is treating majorly Wrinkles, Crow’s feet and Dark Spots. 

Additionally, it is relaxing the skin muscles. Helps in healing wounds and diminishing the appearance of scars and dark spots. It is when used with blue light, that Red Light is therapeutic in releasing skin stress and reducing acne and blemishes. 

Other applications of red light therapy are;

  • Scrapes and wound care
  • Dry skin and psoriasis
  • Scars and scratch marks 
  • Regeneration of muscle tissue, gum tissue
  • Sun damage
  • Wrinkles
  • Treat pain and injuries
  • Stimulates hair growth 

How Effective Is Red Light Therapy?

Most experts say that Light Therapy has potential but more studies need to be conducted. Red light is still an emerging treatment that is creating popularity and generating growth. A large group of researchers conducted with a small number of people didn’t include a placebo group, most results far look promising. 

Is Red Light Safe For All?

Red Light Therapy appears to be safe and has not been associated with any skin harm. This isn’t toxic at all, not invasive and not as harmful as other skin treatments. Unlike topical treatments that have disadvantages of skin cancer. 

However, if the products are misused, it is not likely according to the prescription that one could harm their eyes or skin. The long-term safety of Light Therapy devices is yet unknown. 

The safest option is to see a dermatologist or qualified skin specialists that can tell you if your skin is undergoing any such treatment already, which Red Light could affect. You can discuss the further merits of red light and other treatments.

Today there are portable RLT devices available that can treat your skin without any damage or side effect. Products like Solawave is a complete home Therapy kit you need. Backed by science and doctors, it’s like a magic wand. People are also loving everything about it. And if you think with all these benefits it’s going to be very expensive, then you’re wrong. As mentioned, it’s a portable at-home device, you can use it on your bed, is very affordable.

What Else Do I Need To Know About Red Light Therapy?

There are many variables to think about when considering Red lights for home use.

Is this covered by the health insurance company?

RLT won’t be covered by your health insurance. You may need to call your health insurance company before seeking treatment.

How many treatments are needed to get fully cured?

You are likely going to have once a day treatment, most recommended. This is not a one-time treatment, just like a slow and steady process. Once a day is good or depends on how much your skin doctor recommends you. No touch-up treatments are needed when your skin is already undergoing therapy. Only take care of the skin and least interact with the skin while the treatment. 

How are the achieved results?

Everyone has different skin tones and textures. Some have instant reactant skin tissues while others have hard skin tissues that take a bit longer to react. This isn’t a big issue. You can know your skin type after a visit to your doctor. Other than this, wavelengths affect how deeply the light penetrates your skin. However, the wavelength used in the doctor’s clinic and at home, if different, could affect your results.

Is this an appropriate treatment for my skin?

Red Light has scientifically proven harmless on all skin types. The time-lapse may differ for every person. Some will get the results sooner and for others it shall be a bit longer. This is yet the better choice for most of your skin problems. Further, see your doctor to confirm the diagnosis and discuss the treatment.