Different Types of Men’s Leather Dress Shoes

dress shoes

An excellent pair of dress shoes is not only a worthwhile investment, but a necessity. Dress shoes help in presenting a polished appearance for weddings, job interviews or corporate meetings. It’s important to look for good quality pairs, with premium fabrics and the right fit. Invest in a combination of black leather shoes and brown dress shoes, so you have a variety of formal as well as casual styles to complement different outfits. Here are the best dress shoes for men, to jump-start your smart shoe wardrobe.

Oxfords Dress Shoes-

A truly classic and versatile pair, Oxfords, are one of the most classic and timeless style of dress shoes. Popular among college students in the 1800s especially Oxford University, the signature feature of the Oxford is its closed lacing with eyelets tabs attached under the front part of the shoe, also known as the vamp.

Barker shoes Oxfords come in a variety of styles, including cap-toe and wingtip, and a range of materials and colours. Investing in whole-cut black leather shoes with no seams will ensure you can wear them for business meetings, weddings or any other formal affairs. Pair them with suits, tuxedoes or semi formals for a sharp and neat look.

Derby Dress Shoes-

Derby dates back to the same century as Oxfords but with military origins. These shoes are slightly less formal with shoelace eyelet tabs attached on top of the vamp. The “open lacing” creates a more comfortable form and allows for unrestricted movement.If you have a pair of black leather Oxfords, a pair of brown suede Derbys will be a perfect addition to your collection, to add a touch of low-key formality to jeans, khakis, or smart trousers.


Often characterized as Oxford or Derby, Brogue shoes are usually created in one of these styles, but with signature decorative punched-hole detailing. Originally designed as a field shoe, brogues are today one of the most versatile dress shoes that can be worn to formal and informal occasions alike. Choose brogue black leather shoes with a suit or a formal pair of trousers, or a tan style to pair with jeans or chinos for an elegant casual dress code.

Monk Strap-

Monk Strap is akin in form and structure to an Oxford, but instead of an eyelet closure, the front of the shoe is fastened across with a wide swath of leather comprising of a single or double-buckle closure. A versatile choice as it can be worn with cuffed jeans or formal suits. Single monk strap is great for a cleaner more minimal look for formal attire, whereas the double monk strap is a bold statement. 


Leather Boots allows you to keep your toes safe from warm sun, also you are going to look fabulas with low ankle boots. Just Style them with narrow jeans, and are going to look different in the croud of peoples. Many of the English Shoemakes have a huge collection of different boots, browse their store online.


Loafers are identifiable from their slip-on, no-lace design, with a moccasin-like structure. Every gentleman should own a pair of Loafers that is refined as well as timeless. A more casual dress shoe, choose from classic Penny loafers with casual outfits or Venetian loafers with suits for formal occasions. Barker Loafers become the focal point of any ensemble.