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Unquestionably the hair like fibre seeded cotton is an ancient crop which is cultivated and grown in most of the dry sub-tropical regions around the world including the Americas, Africa, Egypt and India.  The process of weaving and spinning is the oldest process which is generally followed today in 20th Century. The fact is that cotton is also referred as” Thirsty Crop “because it grows in dry states and its Biological Nomenclature is Xerophytes.

In India-By stand India is undoubtedly the leading producer and manufacture cotton. In Indian Economy cotton plays a very important role. Pre-dominantly the Indian Textile and Garment Industry is totally dependent on Cotton Fibre and thus it should be kept mandatory to take all precautionary measures while cultivating and growing the cotton fibre and Cotton seeds. Gujarat and Maharashtra produces nearly 11089 and 7019toones of Cotton every year. Andhra Pradesh and Haryana are also the major Cotton Producers in India.Suvin is India’s Best Cotton which is grown and cultivated in Southern Parts of Tamil Nadu.

World Wide- Egyptian Cotton in the world is positioned to be the best cotton majorly because of its prime quality like durability, strength and comfort. The Egyptian cotton is very soft. However another fact is that Sea Island cotton is the most expensive cotton. The World’s Top three Cotton Producers are India, China and Pakistan followed by United States and Brazil.


The Corona Infection is new but use of masks is very old Scientific Therapy. Everyone is recommended to wear a mask and each one of us in this Pandemic Hit is aware that mask alone is not only the para-amount importance rather ne should be fit in sanitary as well. Mask have become the Personal Protective Equipment as Coronavirus can be prevented if you wear a mask.

  • One of the important factor of Face Mask is that it covers the entire face and  the mask designed by the Mask Industries are all User- Friendly , you might not feel sophisticated putting mask on your face. The Research and test concludes that the major reason established to put mask is that the number of air particles and dust taken or inhaled in is becomes very much less. The masks can reduce the limit of virus to come into your body as the face mask covers all the Respiratory Organs -Mouth and Nose.      
  • Moreover there are technical guideless and proper guidelines given how to use a mask, advice about the best surgical face mask proved, which best quality mask is, how to remove you face mask etc.
  • The Truth is over the past a few days people wearing the mask have reduced. Seeing the increase in this infectious disease also the Global Deaths one should be pro-active in putting on the mask and preferably washing with soap and water.

Thus at the end we can say that to prevent this disease transmission once should properly wear his or her mask and also ensures to follow all the preventive measures to be away from this Deadly Virus.


The Cotton Textile Network is also expected to reach US$ 223 billion by 2021.

The Cotton Textile Export Promotion Council (TEXPROCIL) takes part in promoting Cotton Mask. In this Pandemic Hit the Cotton Mask has become the biggest trade covering the entire universe now.

Right from the Virus Hit the Indian Cotton Industry have been making recent developments in protecting the livelihoods of people in this difficult times. The Indian Cotton Industry promises to supply you the best quality of face mask along with major employment to the works and labours then compared to different Industry and Sectors around the world.

The supply and demand of face mask has been enormously increased in this time because if this Respiratory Disease. According to the reports and data the face mask has emerged out to be a mandatory element among the Global Population World-Wide.

At time there comes a shortage is Face- Mask and thus the Cotton Mask Producers and Manufactures of India are doing a great job in providing specialised face mask and factories are actually ordered to produce around 20 million masks a day.

In Nation- Wise Lockdown some of the leading manufacturing face mask Companies in India were able to produces mask in large quality namely like Fab-India, Tjori, Fable Streets. Also the Cotton Textile Export Promotion Council (TEXPROCIL) are actively taking part in promoting Cotton Face Mask.


With so many strategies building to overcome this Virus the Loggerheads Apparels curate ingenious cotton masks. The safety is first and still the company, online trusted portal is able to produce and manufactured varied stylish variety of masks carrying two elements- Mask should make you Look Beautiful and Save you from The Corona Virus deadly Infection.

As recommended by the Hospitals the Loggerhead Apparels, United Stated based manufacturing company are promising to produce and supply two layer face mask to the customers. The cotton mask produced and manufactured by Loggerhead Apparels are tested first. The Cotton face mask are cosy, comfortable and very easy to breathe with.


The Premium Cotton mask manufacturers india are best known in providing the best Cotton face mask in India.N-95 Facial Masks have been largely supplied every-where in Global Market. It’s now a comprehensive strategy to make a practice of wearing mask once you go out of the house. Globally on a very massive scale the centres and agencies working are working on vaccines for.

The health Minister Mr. Hasrh Vardan said on 5th October 2020 “Our Government is keeping an eye on immunity data with regards to disease while finalizing the plan. He also added the Government is working all round the clock to ensure that there is a fair and equitable distribution of vaccine once they are ready.

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