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One of the best things in Modern Comforts are that Sanitaryware have become equally important nation- wise (India). People are taking a smart move and huge initiative by brining luxury items, products for their Washrooms. Be it your home, a commercial place to work or Hotel to stay in. Today’s agenda is pretty clear to have engaging and stylish washroom available everywhere wherever we use them.

Planning a trip is fine may be as a Family Trip, Trips for creating memory, Corporates Meetings, Exploring new Places and Cities, may be to resume yourself or even may be the interest in exploring the Culture Diversity across nation-wise but next element is planning a Hotel Stay there.

Not only in our Home but also we see luxury washrooms with Ceramic Tiles, Porcelain Tiles, Wallpapers, and Glossier Paints everywhere we stay. The bathrooms choices have become the promiment element in Travel Industry. With so much advancement and passage of time the standard of living cost has increased highly  that having a Beautiful Shower Curtain, Shower Curtain Liner, Bath Mats, Water Closets, Wall Hanging Sinks etc. are just considered to the basic list of products in Travel Industry.

Engaging Washrooms at Hotel

A successful Hotel Maker invests his money in making your stay happy and healthy, so the owner cover almost every factor and elements in creating abundance of beautiful things and surroundings with a perfect combination of luxury washroom. And not only that even a small scale Hotelier of delightful Tourist Destination are have constructed luxury Bathrooms.

Treating Washrooms in different Cultures

Indian Hotel and Travel Industry explore their culture in every form. In present days beautiful hotels construct there luxury Sanitaryware Washrooms depicting the culture of their state namely like Rajasthani Culture, Gujarati’s Culture, and North-West Culture etc.

  • Based on city, people staying and living there, the Hoteliers makes sure to give a royal touch reflecting their culture in Washroom space. This is an amazing thing can be easily noticed everywhere and also grabs customer’s eye.
  • On the other hand we see increase in foreigners visiting India and they look for trendy and luxury stay along with magnificent bathroom amenities-neat, tidy and clean. As we all know India is the most favourite and lovable place to visit in eyes foreigners.

Actually the concept of Hotel Chain and Hotel Industry is to reach the massive audience world-wide and thus we can say this technique has become the excellent way to retain potential customers. Washrooms and Luxury Sanitaryware Products are audiences inside choice.


Eros India, located in centre of Morbi- a beautiful place formerly known the “Ceramic Capital of India” is best in providing Modern Bathroom Solution. Eros India provides a High- End- Solution for your washrooms.

Eros India is very famous for Luxury Washroom Products. Gone are those days when we say luxury items are expansive. Eros Products are substantially the best luxury products in India.

Your dream and luxury products will come in reality if you give a fair chance to Eros India to serve you. Eros Products are not at all expansive and this is reason the Eros India has become the customers first choice.

The collection of products manufactured by Eros are in bundle also you can modify your need and taste according to your requirements.

The leading company with a fact are using the latest machinery and change time to time with a ray of new technique or technology. They are into the market since very long so that try to keep the right pace with the modern technology to reach massive customers.

Not only Indian Customers are happy using Eros Products but also international audiences and owners are satisfied. They proudly say that they are ruling as a king in International Market.


According to the recent records published the construction Industry makes the major part in growing GDP, Investment and construction.


Broadly now every companies nation-wise or even world-wise is working on a program – That is “Building a Sustainable Future”. The contribution of the varied Industry is expected to $738.5 in years between 2020-2027.The Urban Development segment totally depends on the Construction Industry and activities.

  • Your washroom should be at North-West Section.
  • The first thing recommended is to have a Botanical Type of Theme in your washroom that excites you every-day and night and all throughout you can feel yourself close to nature. Have some lush green leaves surrounding with some amount of clean fresh air that will definitely result to bring positivity in your mind and heart every time you enter there.
  • Your washroom should be large and spacious. Paint and colour your washroom space with your favourite colours. 
  • Try to bring some Water Concrete and Conservative Therapy and Technology in your Washroom.


The contribution of the varied Industry is expected to $738.5 in years between 2020-2027.The Urban Development segment totally depends on the Construction Industry and activities.


Practically some years before the sanitary products were believed as low-investment segments.

In India the demand for decorated and luxury sanitaryware india have simply increased.Luxury Sanitaryware Products in washrooms have actually balanced your life. Now washrooms are not lacking footage anymore on the contrary they have become the luxury place to spent time in.

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