The Importance of Mobile App Testing

mobile app testing

If you are an aspiring android application developer then you must know the importance of mobile app testing. It is said that for any type of software development activity a test-flight model is required. It is basically the first step in any software development process and it is crucial that a good software tester comprehend the functionality of the android application thoroughly before it is released for use by end-users. The importance of Mobile App Testing.

It is widely accepted that the largest expenditure in the mobile industry is spending on applications. The real-time usage of mobile apps has increased tremendously. Nowadays the demand of smart phones and smart devices have grown at an astounding rate and every mobile manufacturer is introducing new and advanced mobile apps every month. As a result of this huge demand of mobile apps developers and mobile testing services have mushroomed. The real-time usage of mobile apps has increased tremendously. Nowadays the importance of mobile testing has grown tremendously.

Smartphones and tablet PCs are becoming the everyday office appliances. Nowadays almost every employee engaged in any work activity indulges in some form of communication. With the growth of Smartphones and Tablets in the market the demand for mobile application is also growing proportionately. The testers must be well versed with the mobile application development kit to test the functionality of the mobile application in real time on the target devices.

Smartphones, tablets, and other handheld devices are increasingly becoming a part of enterprises of all sizes. Android an open source mobile operating system is used in these devices to run diverse business applications. Android applications are highly dynamic and run on the structure of the devices, similarly mobile devices run on different operating systems. The need for reliable and secure mobile applications has increased to a large extent.

The quality and performance of apps have a lot to do with the success or failure of an enterprise. This is evident from the increasing number of rejection cases for apps in the recent times. Many organizations now understand the value of mobile development and are investing in the software and hardware businesses to develop the apps. But, it has to be understood that quality apps require extensive testing and bug fixing on the reference devices before they are released to the consumers.

For effective mobile apps outsourcing, there are certain things that organizations should consider before hiring the services of app testing companies. One should ensure that the company uses the latest android platform for testing mobile apps. The android mobile app development toolset consists of different tools such as, test, local, and manifest. The local helps in collecting the data sent by the devices and test helps in gathering the information about the errors that occur while running the android apps. Android developers create applications by using these tools to test the application efficiently on the reference devices.

Apart from gathering information about the error messages, one should also evaluate the battery consumption of the mobiles while running the apps on the reference devices. Battery consumption will help one in finding out the reasons behind the poor performance of the application. If the performance of the mobile application testing is poor, one should not expect good user reception. The low battery consumption can result in fewer downloads from the mobile devices.

Another important factor to note in the battery consumption testing is the screen temperature. This is important because screen temperatures may vary during the test cases. Depending on the nature of the test cases, the mobile devices may start from a cold state to a hot state. With the difference in the temperatures, the performance of the application may also change. To prevent such errors, the test cases should be designed in a way that they do not put stress on the mobile devices.

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