Problems Faced in Mobile Application Development Process

mobile application development

People using mobile phones and smartphones are drastically increasing day by day. In this digital age, it is difficult to imagine people without any smart devices, either or the other way everyone is obligated to use smart devices for personal use or work. And why do people use smartphones? Just to call other people, obviously no, the applications are what make them more valuable and usable. So, there is a demand for all kinds of apps, and, mobile development has achieved many new heights. But it does not mean that there are no problems in mobile app development. Here are some challenges faced while developing mobile applications.

Memory Constraint

While developing mobile applications, memory limitation is a significant challenge faced by developers. This means they have to compromise on several functionalities and performance of the app just to fit into the memory. The android smartphones have a solution for this called garbage collector when unused objects or applications are removed from the memory.

But iOS does not have this option and make it difficult for developers to incorporate a different range of features that take up the memory.

OS and Device Compatibility

Another challenge that developers face is that applications should be developed for various platforms, but there are only two prominent operating systems widely used by the people. As we all know, these two operating systems are Android and iOS. The developers should individually build applications both platforms in their suitable programming language so that the developed application is compatible with the operating system.

Also, there are so many smart devices nowadays, such as tablets, ipads, smartwatches and smartphones and all applications should be designed and developed in such a way that it is suitable and fits all the previously mentioned devices.

Solving Problems

The primary purpose of an application is to solve problems for the users, if the customer or the developers do not focus on this factor, then the application will be of no use to the general public, and there will be no use for the app in the real world.

Developing Secure Apps

The nightmare for many developers is the security breach in any application; it is the job of the developers to construct applications that are secure and safe for the users. Nowadays, people can easily hack anything, and therefore, at the developing stages, the developers should not leave any trace or gap in the coding for the hackers. It is essential also to use security tools while developing applications.

User Contentment

Another critical challenge faced by the mobile development team is constructing applications that do not satisfy the user needs and requirements. This is why thorough research and MVP is needed to validate the application idea.

Even after the application development, the developers can do beta testing where the application is tested in real-time and in real-world so that the developers can take all the feedback and make changes to the apps before launching.

In summary, developing a proper mobile application can be challenging and tough, but it is absolutely necessary to boost your business to the general public. To avoid all these above problems, it is essential to choose an excellent mobile app development company who are professional and well-experienced in this field.

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