Top 5 Facts about Russia


Speaking about Russia, the country has all the essential things that will never fail to attract travelers of different ages and preferences. Some experts have said that Russia is a mysterious country having an open soul. Despite some negative feedback about the country, this can be an excellent place to spend a good vacation. The country is dominant and massive. It has also been said that if the country were a person, it would be considered as a contradictory personality. 

While most people or travelers know about where the country is located and the types of people who live in the country, but there are some interesting facts about Russia and its culture that you will love to know. So, let’s talk about those facts.

World’s biggest country

Russia is the world’s biggest country, and this is the country that is washed by seas. As per the report, the total area of the country is 17,098,242 square kilometers. To understand how big the country is, let’s talk about a few interesting things:

  • It has been said that the area of Russia is approximately equal to the planet Pluto’s surface. 
  • The country is around 2 times bigger than the United States of America. 
  • Russia is around 30 times larger than Ukraine and about 22 times larger than Turkey. 

Russian women

It is a fact that Russian women have always showcased the geniuses. For example, the muse of Dali and Eluard, Elena Dyankonova, Lydia Delektorskaya inspired Matisse. Some even consider Russian women are perfect wives. Well, even though they have a perfect level of attractiveness, around 96 percent of Russian women think they are not beautiful. 

If you look carefully, you will find that Russian women are frequently breaking the records. For instance, you can consider Maria Sharapova, who was the first Russian tennis player who won the Wimbledon singles championship. Another example can be Valentina Tereshkova, the world’s first woman to go into space. It can be said that Russian women are quite talented. 

Longest railway in the world

You must have heard about the Trans-Siberian Railway. This has spread across the whole country, and it is the single longest railway. The railway’s length is around 9200 kilometers, and it starts in Moscow of European Russia and spreads across Asia. After that, it goes through the Pacific Ocean port. To complete the entire distance, it will take around 153 minutes. 

The country houses the world’s largest McDonald’s

Are you a big fan of the world-famous golden arches? If yes, then you should visit Russia. This is the home to the world’s largest McDonald’s restaurant, and that has 700 seats. In 2012, a building with a 1500 seating capacity was constructed, but that was temporary. 

A beautiful underground world

Moscow is famous for its underground ways, and every day, Moscow’s underground witnesses around nine million passengers. The number is relatively higher than the passenger’s number per day in London and New York subways combinedly. Besides, Moscow’s subway is an excellent piece of art as you will see the entire place covered with amazing artistic works, sculptures, chandeliers, and more. 

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