Zumba or How to Make Your Workout More Entertaining

zumba workout

Learn everything about Zumba and start enjoying your workouts! 

We know that we need to exercise if we want to live a long and healthy life. Science has made sure to understand the relationship between a balanced diet, physical activity, and health. Thus, we can see more and more folks running or going to the gym, attending yoga, pilates classes, or something similar. 

But many of the workouts eventually become sort of monotonous and grueling, especially if you do them all the time. That can make you lose motivation to exercise altogether. If we ask what do you expect from a workout, a lot of people would say that in their opinion training should be challenging, efficient of course, but at the same time, fun! But where to find such kind of workout that is universally entertaining. 

Have you ever heard about Zumba workout? Now you might think – but it’s just a dance, not a workout! But is it really just that? We are here to tell you that if you have this idea, you are only partially right. Indeed, it involves a lot of dancing, and that is a fun part of Zumba, but it is far more than merely a dance. However, if you don’t like or can’t imagine yourself dancing with a bunch of other people, you should look for another type of workout. If weight loss is your main motive for exercising, we recommend you to try working out with weighted jump rope as well, which is a whole new topic of discussion. But let’s see what are the other elements of the Zumba workout program before you decide on whether you want to dismiss the idea or try it out. 

What Is Zumba Workout? 

Describing Zumba workout dance is not as straightforward as one might think, and maybe the best way to apprehend the point of it is to go to one of Zumba workout classes. However, it is not always simple to find time to do so, and especially now when the pandemic interrupted a lot of things. Therefore we will do our best to paint a picture of Zumba for you. Okay, so what the heck is Zumba workout? Well, the simplest way is to say that it is a fitness program that combines the elements of Latin dances with International music. It is interval training where you are alternating between fast and slow rhythms. As such, it is very efficient in terms of improving the function of the cardiovascular system. Zumba is an aerobic activity. Whether you are doing a Zumba workout at home or attending a class, it satisfies the recommended amount of this type of activity.

Origin of Zumba 

When you see how popular it is these days, you probably think that the story about the Zumba workout’s origin is a bit funny. It was accidentally invented in the mid-90s, by Alberto “Beto” Perez, fitness instructor and choreographer from Columbia. The thing is that Perez arrived at one of his classes only to understand that he forgot the music he was supposed to use. As he didn’t have time to go back to bring the stuff he needed, he used salsa and meringue tapes that he had on him. Instead of a standard aerobics class, he made an improvisation where he combined dance and aerobics. His students had a lot of fun dancing and working out, and an effective Zumba workout was born, although at that time, it still didn’t have this name. 

A couple of years later, in 2001, he was teaching his class to a group of students in Miami he got acquainted with Alberto Perlman and Alberto Aghion. Finally, three of them decided to call the new dance/workout style Zumba. The word doesn’t have any specific meaning, but it has become, over time, kind of a synonym for a marvelous mix of fitness and fun. 

Benefits of Zumba 

Alright, so when you are used to working out in a gym or running, Zumba may not seem like a serious exercise. So it may sound surprising to hear that there are a lot of benefits of Zumba workout. It is efficient for burning calories and fat, tone arms, and many other things.

It is a full-body workout because it involves all parts of the body, from feet to arms and shoulders. It is necessary to know that there is no right way to do a Zumba workout – as long as you are moving following the music’s rhythm, you are actively participating in it. 

Considering it is a fast-paced lower chest workout, it is not surprising that it builds endurance. 

When you do an excellent Zumba cardio workout, you are significantly improving the fitness of the cardiovascular system.  Studies show that people who are regularly attending Zumba classes have lower HR and blood pressure even in situations when they are doing hard physical work.

Since the training is done in a group, it is considered a great social activity that can lead to improvement of your social life in general, as well.

Zumba Workout Types 

In the patriarchal world, dance is perceived as a feminine activity, so it is not surprising that mainly women go to these classes. However, all the studios and instructors keep insisting that Zumba workout is for everyone and that men can enjoy it as much as women do if they are able to ditch the bias. The most known is the classic Zumba, but there are a lot of different types, so it is not hard to find something for everyone’s taste. 

Zumba Gold 

It is a Zumba workout for beginners and senior people. This type of exercise contains all the elements of a classic one. The difference is that they are slower and thus, easier to follow.

Aqua Zumba 

If you are still wondering why Zumba workout is fun, then we suggest trying this type. It is like a pool party. If you enjoy swimming, you will find that aqua Zumba is perfect for you. 

Zumba Sentao 

This type of Zumba is done while you are sitting on a chair. The word sentao actually means “while seated”. It is also a great option for beginners who might be worried about high-intensity moves in standard class. But it is not to say that it is only for beginners. It is also a great Zumba workout for abs.

Strong Nation

Originally it was called Strong by Zumba. It is a high-intensity training created in 2016. It is considered an excellent Zumba workout for weight loss. 

Advantages and Disadvantages of Zumba


It is Accessible for Everyone. Its popularity allowed you to have access to Zumba classes practically in every country and city, at least in the western part of the world. Even if your gym doesn’t offer them, maybe you can find an aqua Zumba class at the pool. If that is not a possibility either, then you can find an instructor who gives individual classes or Zumba DVDs. 

It is Safe. Of course, whenever you are physically active, there is a risk of getting injured. However, Zumba creators and instructors made sure to reduce these risks to a minimum by creating different types for people with various fitness levels and skills. 

There are not so many restrictions when it comes to Zumba workout. 

It is Affordable. Although the class may vary from city to city, and sometimes even gym to gym, they are generally affordable, and you can easily find one that suits your budget. Also, if you have to pay attention to expenses, you can buy a Zumba DVD, which makes this workout even cheaper. 


It is probably not the best strength workout. Although it is said that it is a full-body workout, Zumba is more effective as cardio than as a strength and muscle-building exercise. 

However, you can opt for Strong Nation Zumba, which incorporates strength training as well. 

Although safety is a pro, it is a con at the same time. It is generally safe to practice Zumba, as we mentioned. However, you need to be sure that you have all information about the state of your health before you decide to join the class. 

Final Word 

In the end, what we can say is that although it might seem like only a party, Zumba workout is a highly effective fitness program. It is a high energy aerobic training particularly efficient for the cardiovascular system. It is also excellent for weight loss as you burn about 369 calories per class, which is more than what you would burn by practicing cardio kickboxing or step aerobics.

 What do you think about Zumba? Have you ever attended a class? 

Author’s Bio: The author of the article is Thomas Nemel. He likes to write articles about health and fitness and always looks for new opportunities to increase his fitness background. Thomas loves to share his knowledge through writing and motivate others to live a healthy life.

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