Destructing: Types of Demolition


Having a house of your own is a dream that most people still have in this world. Statistically, Statista Research Department published a report on November 5, 2020, which showed that in the U.S, in 2019, 65.1 percent of people owned a house. This means the rest 34.9 percent still do not own one. The discussion however is about something else. We are saying when a person constructs a house and moves in, after a few years a one goes by renovating or redecorating it. This involves cost. Thus, remains one major reason why people do not own a house. Every asset be it a car, a house, or a club membership requires maintenance and subscription costs to be paid for it.

Contractors who claim to be the best interior demolition workers often charge a premium price for their services. Not just houses, but offices, schools, and even hospitals need renovation after a few years. And as people spend money, they want the best for themselves. Some common work involves ripping out cabinets, removing non-load-bearing walls, removing flooring, removing appliances, etc. These contractors engage a lot of people with them like the construction workers, electrical engineers, and many more making it teamwork.

How costly it is?

Around the world, countries like the U.S., Australia, and even India pay huge amounts for renovating jobs. It requires skill and is not an easy job. This is the reason why it is respected around the world. Every year, large sums are spent on demolishing the buildings and making new ones as well as making older ones look new by renovating them. Even an average garage demolition cost in the UK is around £2,000. The price usually includes the cost of labor, skip hire and waste fees, and removing the concrete base.

Demolition can take place by breaking into smaller pieces by hand or blasting the whole thing. If the location is crowded, then the job is taken care of quite safely. Regardless of the method used, it is always better to take an expert on board to complete the task. It is safer, cheaper, and takes lesser time.

Types of Demolition


Small residential houses and office buildings are usually demolished by using a bulldozer. After dismantling the structure, it is used to transfer the remains to the trucks. The person who sits in the bulldozer must take care of the surrounding structures while setting the targeted one down to the ground.

Selective Demolition

Selective demolition is becoming popular as it allows the property owners to recycle or reuse the materials. It involves removing some exterior or interior portions while protecting the remaining building also preserving the nearby areas. In the present day, as the world becomes more eco-friendly, this method is becoming more popular. Interior demolition usually involves the removal of walls, pipes, and ceilings. This is a good choice to go with as extending and remodeling the buildings where reusing and recycling are desired. The only drawback of this method is that it is labor-intensive and may be time-consuming.

Mechanical Demolition

Mechanical demolition uses special tools and equipment including excavators with specialized attachments capable of breaking steel and concrete, effectively “chewing” the building apart. Smaller tools include skid steers loaders and even demolition robots that can be used for selective demolition or smaller tasks.

Wrecking Ball

Using a massive ball of steel is also a perfect example of demolition. This big ball of steel is crashed into the structure and by its weight, the building is brought down. This is simple physics. It generates the force from the momentum the crane creates. The crane then releases the weight from a higher point to create the greatest velocity. This is quick and cheaper but it causes noise, dust, and safety hazards. It is rarely used today but remains a famous form.


Use of explosives, called implosion. It basically targets the structure’s primary vertical supports and blows them up to bring down the whole building. How well the explosive charges are placed and the detonation sequence is extremely critical to a safe and successful demolition.

Taking Care

Demolition leads to workers facing many problems including exposure to dust, noise, potential chemical exposure, and heat and ventilation issues. It doesn’t matter which type of demolition is taking place proper safety and health measures must be undertaken. Whether it is an office or a residential apartment, all demolitions contain scrap objects and materials capable of being reclaimed, re-purposed, or recycled.

After a few years of construction, demolition becomes necessary due to a couple of reasons. For example, a property needing maintenance that is no longer worth the cost needs to be brought down. Whatsoever be the reason, demolition can be cost-effective by hiring the right professionals. It makes sure that the process will go safely and smoothly.

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