4 Fun New Year’s Eve Traditions Your Family Will Love

Eve Traditions

New Year’s Eve is certainly going to look a little different this year. Many families are wisely deciding to make this year’s event a more low-key affair, choosing to ring in the new year with their family at home. The good news is that there are still plenty of ways that you can make this year as special as possible. Here are four fun New Year’s Eve traditions to consider adding to your party itinerary this year.

Make it a Trip Down Memory Lane

The last night of the year is a great time to reflect on all of the memories that you have created over the last 365 days as a family. Use this time to take a stroll down memory lane. There are many ways that you can do this. If you have taken family videos, get everyone settled on the couch, make some popcorn and hot cocoa, and begin watching these clips together.

Or you may want to make a video with all of your favorite pictures over the last year. Make it timely by setting it to the music that was at the top of the charts over the last 12 months. Thinking ahead to next year, encourage your family members to write down special memories throughout the year so that you can share them with each other next year on the same date. This is the perfect way to begin a new family tradition that everyone will love for years to come.

Prepare a Buffet of Appetizers and Fancy Mocktails

New Year’s Eve is made for snacking. Rather than knocking yourself out by preparing a large formal dinner, consider setting out a buffet of fancy appetizers instead. Kids will love grazing all night on all of their favorite snacks. Be sure to include a variety of appetizers for more refined adult palates as well as some kid-friendly appetizers.

Along with the food, it is recommended to provide plenty of unique drinks. In addition to the adult beverages, mix up some mocktails for the kids to try. Sparkling apple cider makes a fabulous holiday beverage fit for kids. Throw in some frozen cranberries as a garnish and serve it in a champagne glass and your kids will get the hint that this is indeed a special night at home.

Dress Up in Your Finest

Just because you are not heading out for a night of festivities, it does not mean that you cannot still dress up. Go ahead and use New Year’s Eve traditions as an excuse for dressing up in all of your finest wear. This holiday is a fabulous reason to splurge on something new for your wardrobe.

Little girls will love shopping for a new sparkly dress and matching shoes. A handsome grey tuxedo makes a great choice for the men in your house. Choose an adorable bow tie for your little boy to feel dapper. Picking out something fun and fancy to wear will only serve to build the excitement for the special night that you are planning with your kids. Do not let this opportunity to dress up and take family pictures go to waste.

Family Game Night

Every family loves a good night of board games. New Year’s Eve traditions is the perfect time to break out the games and rev up the competition. If you are planning ahead, you can even give your kids new board games for the holidays so that you have some different options this year. This will keep the game night fresh and interesting, differentiating it from other nights spent at home.

To make this family game night extra fun, up the ante by offering prizes to the winners. This will elevate your ordinary game night to something fit for the occasion of ringing in the new year. Dollar stores are great places to find inexpensive prizes that your kids will love. For older kids, consider providing gift cards or cash prizes as incentives.

All four of these traditions are sure to be a hit for your family this New Year’s Eve . Make the most out of this time at home by creating memories that will last your family years and beyond.

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