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Our line of hoses is complete, they are specially designed to be used with different liquids such as fuels, fertilizers and acids.

Within the line of hoses that we offer, as they are of high quality and designed to support liquids of all kinds, they are designed to be used in fuel dispensers among other workspaces.

The hoses available at Mydeal are used for loading and unloading fuels. And we have to offer them of all sizes so that you can control the flow with greater precision and thus optimize work times.

We have different brands of hoses that are designed in specific materials according to the product with which you are going to work.

By having hoses suitable for use with different types of liquids, you can count on Mydeal when you need:

·         Fuel hoses.

·         Hoses to be used with acids.

·         Suitable hoses for fertilizers.

·         Hose reels

On the other hand, and according to your needs, distributor Mydeal has hose reels that can adapt to all kinds of needs. They are also delivered armed and ready to be used.

The hose reels themselves are devices that consist of a reel and may include the hose. It is very useful to be able to distribute fluids in a safe and orderly manner at service stations or other related places such as mechanical workshops that require a fully tidy workplace.

Likewise, a hose reel is especially useful to protect to the maximum the hose that for example is daily exposed to the sun and rain, among other factors.

We have different special hose reels:

·         Fixed hose reels.

·         Manual hose reels.

·         Retractable hose reels

·         Motorized hose reels.

You can be sure that absolutely all our hose reels, whatever the model you choose, are ergonomic and totally easy to use.

Thanks to the robust and ergonomic design of our hose reels, the hose will never flex, so it will not be marked.

It is possible to roll up to a total of thirty meters of our ½ inch hoses.

You have a choice between the many hose reel and hose options. And we assure you that you can count on a quality product that makes your job easier. Check this for more details.

In addition we have to offer quick hose couplings and adjustable spray gun.

Which hose reel and which hose should I choose?

First it is important to know the type of fluid that is going to happen to my hose and what will be the use of it. In general the fluids dispensed by hoses are as follows:

·         Water

·         Oils

·         Acids

·         Fuels

So depending on the type of hose, length and diameter you need, you can choose a suitable hose reel to work more easily.

Hose, from leather to synthetic rubber

Made of leather, the hose was first used by the Amsterdam fire chief in 1673. Rubber hoses did not appear until 1835, although this material had already arrived from America at the time of the Catholic Monarchs.

The best response to this demand was rubber, a resinous and elastic substance that was removed from trees. However, rubber was not used to build them until 1835, so it took many centuries to solve the flexibility problem.

The hose made of this material provided greater flexibility than that of leather and the possibility of winding it, which caused such a sensation that an advertisement of the time spoke of it as “the most extraordinary thing that has ever been seen.” A further step was taken in 1914 with the birth of the first synthetic rubber hose.

The hose that gives you meters and meters for what you need

 Today the hoses have evolved a lot, they are modern, safe and increasingly powerful and even going even further, as is the case with the XXL HOSE extendable hose.

It is an expandable hose that will allow you to have a much tidier garden with fewer accessories on the ground. The new XXL Hose irrigation hose is the only one that expands automatically when the water faucet is opened due to the effect of pressure, and it gets longer and longer until it triples in size.

When the water is closed, it contracts and becomes smaller until it recovers its initial size, reducing in a few seconds.

Also the Water Blast Cleaner Water Pressure Gun connected to the hose is a water pressure lance, which turns any garden hose into a great high pressure cleaning tool, saving you time and money. You just need to connect it to a hose and start cleaning your terrace, pool, chairs, windows, facade, car, etc.

It includes a soap tank that has a regulator system with several positions, ideal to improve washing.

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