Carpet Cleaning Tips for Pet Owners

carpet clenaing pets

Having pets are wonderful as they cheer us up and are an overall blast to be around. However, you may find it annoying when they stain your beautiful carpet with urine or vomit. But that doesn’t mean you must remove your carpet to avoid the accumulating circumstances. As you know accidents can happen whether you have one or many pets the best part of tile cleaning Dayton Ohio lies in the technique you are implementing in dealing with the cleaning of the carpet.

The general cause and solution of animal stain


The pet hair gets mostly accumulated in the carpets. Pets usually shed a lot of hair which you may find trailing across the floor. And some of this gets clog into the carpet over its use for a long time. To keep your carpet clean you can wrap a tape around an old paint roller and attach it to an old broom or mop handle to pick up pet hair before you vacuum. Alternatively, you can also rake your carpet with a rubber-blistered rake to collect the pet hair in clumps. You should at least vacuum your carpet three times a week with a bagless vacuum to reduce the amount of pet hair in your carpet.


Even after training your pet accidents can happen. The best way to deal with this situation is bu taking immediate action to minimize the damage. An old terry cloth towel is good for moping the urine as it will remove much of the moisture. Then you can clean the area with three to four drops liquid dish washing detergent with warm 1 cup of warm water. Once you have clean the surface rinse it well with a clean towel and water. Blotting the area with vinegar and water will deter your pet from soiling the area again. If possible place ten to fifteen paper towels on top of the area and put heavy stuff to help absorb more moisture from the cleaned area. And remember to change paper towels periodically until all the moisture is removed from the carpet.


Cleaning and wiping of pet- created vomit, faces, urine and blood stains from your carpet can be challenging, especially if you do not take adequate steps right then, and it gets older. In some conditions, it’s possible to extract out the stained area by putting a carpet cleaner depending upon the type of carpet cleaner you are using. Never use a steam cleaner as the heat can set the stain instead of wiping it out. You will get various products in the market that is designed to remove the pet stains. But as these stains are hard to remove you need give more effort than a squirt and dab. But taking quick action and use of effective cleaner can help you to get rid of the problem.


Pet odor can stink your carpet if you do not take proper action. To get rid of animal odor use an extracting carpet cleaner to infuse clean water into the carpet and extract it. The primary treatment involves only cleaning with water as it will remove any chemicals left in your carpet from previous treatment. You can use chemical residues and powdered odor eliminator products as they are effective in eliminating odor from the carpet. Moreover, you can also use liquid odor eliminators with a tank sprayer to cover a large area. But some liquid odor eliminators require saturating the carpet and may take up to two weeks for drying.

Apart from dealing with the pet stains, you should groom your animal properly by bathing your pets with water that will reduce the amount of dust and dirt in your home. Moreover, you should vacuum proactively by at least vacuuming your floor, and carpet once in a week which will help you to reduce the hair clogging problem in the carpet. Even with pets or no pets, you should clean your carpets with the professional experts. It helps you to get rid of all the mess that your carpet has gone through and increases its longevity. The professionals recommend that you should clean your carpet by a professional expert, once every six months.

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