The Startup Benefits of Shared Workspace

startup benefits

Coworking is becoming the holy grounds of the fast modernizing office spaces. By giving the stakeholder much needed flexibility and a cost-efficient alternative to run their business operations, while they are able to concentrate on the other important parts of their workday, coworking spaces are all in trend in the present time. 

While they have proven their efficiency for both startups and established companies, in this article, we are only going to look into several pros that a shared workspace has to offer for startups which are still trying to set up their bases in the industry. 

A. Renting a  commercial workspace usually calls for the lease signing which is made for 2 to over 10 years, with 5 years being the average hour. It also calls for a hefty deposit. Going by the state or national laws and depending on how the lease contract has been made, breaking out of it can be extremely costly and difficult, especially when the property is not in the most crowded property region.   

On the other side, a coworking space is more of less treated like club membership. Meaning, the space is usually rented out for a month. In fact, there are many providers who also offer a pay as you go, hourly or weekly facilities too. From the cash flow front, a shared office space in Jaipur or such high disruption friendly areas can be amazing for entrepreneurs who are looking for professional workplace minus the willingness to pay upfront costs and any other form of long term commitments.  

The flexibility that these coworking spaces can also be amazing for growing startups for they can arrange for new employee space as easily as they would add someone in their membership. 

B. Another major advantage of coworking spaces is that you get to avoid all the typical private office spaces costings that consists of utilities, furniture, additional lease, and appliances, etc. Also, finding an appropriate private space acn turn out to be a very time consuming task.  

The coworking space users have to only sign a membership agreement which streamlines everything – the fees, rules for space usage, and other legalities which govern the provider-startup relationships. The agreement also includes the complete amenities details as well.  

A typical coworking space membership  includes:

  • A desk and seating space (on the basis of your level of membership, it might be any available desk, a fixed desk, or a private office.  
  • High-speed internet (WiFi or LAN)
  • An easy access to the shared printer/scanner/copier
  • A Bookshelf space
  • Free tea, coffee, and the kitchen facilities, which includes both microwave and the fridge.  
  • The use of conference room (on the basis of reservation)

C. Sadly, one of the biggest cons of operating as a freelancer or self-employed person is the isolation that comes along. Many of the contractors work from home. Meaning, they don’t get to have the synergy nor the social interactions that the people who work in an office gets. 

Depending on the home situation, it can get very distracting to concentrate just how difficult it is to focus when you work out of a restaurant or a cafe.

A coworking space ecosystem on the other hand can offer –  

  • A convenient, flexible, and uber professional working environment which is designed to  encourage productivity.
  • The must-have separation and balance among life and work which many people call for.
  • A Positive social interaction. The much needed human connect and community sense that coworking spaces offer. 

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