12 Fabulous Ideas for Stylish Beauty Salon

stylish beauty salon

Stylish and decorative beauty salon grabs the attention of customers. Hair and beauty salon is judged by its appearance, when it comes to salon it’s all about their attention-grabbing design. In fact, you may have seen interior designing salons on Instagram, if you want to make your salon viral then consider some decorating ideas.

Investing in interior designing of your salon will give you double results. Your beauty salon says a lot about your services, it can attract different types of people. 

An online salon booking app is very popular among the people, your stylish salon decor can attract people to visit at least once. Your salon must be like that users can’t even control themselves to share the pics and visit over there. 

When customers will book the appointment at your salon, the first thing they see is your salon design and decor. So, it should be the priority to pay attention to your salon style statement.

For making your task easy, we have come up with 12 fabulous ideas for stylish beauty salons, this post is A-Z guide for salon decoration and designing. Stay tuned.

1. Pick a color theme

The first thing that makes your salon well organized is choosing a single color theme. Don’t mix color palette with red, blue, black and orange because it doesn’t seem professional and stylish. If you are using a bright color then walls, furniture, mirror and other assets should be of the same color. You will see the difference by yourself after choosing one vibrant color for the beauty salon.

2. Use comfy furniture

Furniture should be comfortable in sitting so customers can chill and relax for as much time as the treatments are going on. Haircut or hair color treatments take almost an hour, and this can irritate the customers if they can’t relax and sit properly. However, sofas in the waiting area should also be comfortable and relaxing. 

3. Hang wall art

Having wall art or painting attracts the attention of customers. As we are human, we love to enjoy art, and decoration, so beautiful wall arts seem a wonderful part to relax. Nowadays, many wall arts are available out there, you need to pick the same theme color for this. Having these kinds of arts in your salon can’t even bore the customers and insist on taking a selfie.

4. Have a good lightening

Good lighting makes everything look good—salon, haircut, equipment. Bad lighting can destroy the customers’ experience. No one likes bad lightening that can’t even properly determine the haircut, and other things. Have bright lights around every corner to enhance the user’s experience.

6. Have some greenery

Greenery gives a fresh and active feeling from inside out. Green plants in the salon maximize the appearance and give positive vibes to your customers. Also, adding some greenery around the salon begging for a photo. Decorating your salon with live plants leaves a positive impact on users.

7. Have modern design

Have you still use 90’s styling methods? It’s won’t work out now. In today’s scenario people’s lifestyles have changed and everybody likes modern and stylish designs. Always style your salon with recent design and decoration ideas to improve your appearance in front of customers. Having modern interior design is a good idea to style your beauty salon.

7. Bright color

Bold and beautiful colors are the most adorable color theme for your salon. Bright color gives vibrancy and life to a salon. Retro vibes from the salon give decoration impact individually. Go with bold and contrasting shapes for your salon that makes it stand out from the rest.

8. Have florals decor

Floral decor is another great option to decorate your salon with positive and natural vides. Big and beautiful floral decor has popped up everywhere as it’s popular. Not only this idea seems wonderful but it acts as a center of attraction for your salon that can surely insist the customer for begging a selfie.

9. Have soft color

Soft and light color of the wall, chair and interior designs look more calming and satisfied. Yes, bright color is also a great go to option but soft color has more appealing vibes. Soft pink color attracts girls as they have a special corner in their hearts. If your customer center is ladies, then go for a soft pink interior.

10. Trendy mirrors

Mirrors are not only available in simple rectangular shapes but there are new designs available like oval, round shape and designer border that look more attractive for the customers. You can try any of the designs but make sure to use a good mirror so that customers can easily see themselves without any hindrance.

11. Organize in a row

Proper organization is another important aspect of designing. Organize the chairs, sofas, mirrors and other things in a row. This kind of organization impacts an organized and well maintained impact on customer’s minds. You need to organize the objects in the proper place, no items should be scattered. And cleanliness should also be maintained.

12. Neon signs

Neon signs are very designer decorative objects for your salon. Inexpensive and beautiful way to enhance the appearance of your salon. Neon signs are a hot topic these days, many salons are adopting these because it attracts the customers to take a selfie with them. It acts as a great background decorative idea for your salon. Cute name or phrase written with vibrant neon lights from within looks beautiful.


These are the most trendy and amazing ideas for stylish beauty salons. You can go with any of them or all of them to increase the number of audiences. 

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