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Fashions in design change and that inevitably affects the design of office interiors. Beyond colors, colors and materials, current trends in office design focus all efforts on the figure of the worker.

Without neglecting the search for harmony and aesthetic beauty, interior designers seek to make the office a comfortable place where you can work, a place where your productivity increases, in short, they seek to design spaces in which As a worker, you feel comfortable and have all your work needs covered.

Within these changes of what is considered the modern office, large and minimalist spaces are gaining ground in the compartmentalized offices. Light environments overlap the offices full of decorative objects and furniture, thus promoting an aspect of visual lightness that is very conducive to promoting concentration at work.

Beyond the essentials of modern offices,  the latest trends are focused on tackling new forms of work and proposing solutions that adapt to recent times.

Why are changes in offices necessary?

The new style of work means that the offices have to adapt to it, even when this means performing the interior design of the office again. There are many reasons, and very varied, to adapt to the changes:

  • Almost half of all jobs are produced outside the office as such, so having many offices means having a space that most of the day is empty.
  • The work is more collaborative among people, which requires spaces available for meetings and / or visits.
  • Constant technological changes lead to situations in which workers have to teach bosses to defend themselves in them. This is relevant, since there are currently four generations working simultaneously, with the changes that entails. The only way for this intergenerational coexistence to prosper is thanks to innovation, collaboration and flexibility.
  • Technologies often become obsolete in just two years of life, which means that offices are constantly changing.

How to get changes implemented in an organization?

All those changes that we have just explained take place in the same space, so that in order to make them you have to get structures that allow them. These structures are based on the following axes:

  • Create comfortable environments and more attractive offices to improve productivity, since it is shown that in comfortable environments workers perform more.
  • Encourage innovation. According to Marissa Mayer, the CEO of Yahoo!, mobile workers are much less innovative than those who work in the office, so you have to give them a plus of creativity and encourage their innovation, since it has always been said that great ideas They rarely occur on their own.
  • Enrich individual experience in the office of all workers.

How are those changes reflected in interior design?

The jobs will be individual, and simulate a cubicle. The most significant changes within it will be:

  • Tables characterized by flexibility, the possibility of customization, in which the integration of technological elements in it is allowed and whose ergonomics are efficient.
  • The computers will stop being single-monitor to have several monitors connected. In addition, its distribution will be done leaving more space on the worktable.
  • The chairs will be comfortable and very configurable so that they can adapt to all types of people.
  • The lower storage is no longer something external, to become incorporated into the tables, so that the space available in the office is larger.
  • In the upper storage the same thing happens, now it is also integrated with the table and is characterized in that it can be assembled and adapted in parts.

Thanks to these changes, the necessary space per worker is reduced, though, while remaining collaborative spaces since they are open work groups that allow connection with colleagues.

We continue to make progress in the interior design of the office, and the following are the meeting rooms. These will be equipped and integrated with the latest technology and enjoy excellent privacy, acoustic and visual, as well as high quality lighting. The most significant change is in the walls, so that this flexibility makes it possible to have open and closed rooms according to needs.

With all this, a design planning is proposed that helps to make the most of the available space.

As you can see, an office interior designs in which the center is the worker.

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