What is React JS: Difference Between React & Angular?


To begin with, React JS is an open-source JavaScript library useful for simplifying the intricate process of building interactive user interfaces. This front-end platform is mainly useful for building the user interfaces of our web applications or websites. Along with this, it is highly popular and is useful for building single-page and multi-page interfaces.

Difference Between React JS & Agular JS

React JS is a highly popular front-end JavaScript library useful for building user interfaces from reusable components. In addition, it is a performance-based flexible solution that allows developers to create seamless UX and complex UI. React JS offers an easy debugging process along with reusable codes. Along with this, React JS is an easy-to-learn platform that supports both Android and iOS platforms. It is a view-oriented platform and offers faster updates with both server-side and front-end support. Above all, it supports a React Native library and ensures efficient performance.

Angular JS is an open-source JavaScript front-end framework that facilitates the development of high-performing movie and web applications. Along with this, Angular JS provides clean code development and dependency injection. Angular offers many libraries and also offers a single routing option. Furthermore, Angular JS allows users to synchronize the data between the model view and the component. Above all, Angular JS extends the HTML syntax and ensures that users are capable of creating reusable components. Now here is some difference Between React and Angular.

  • AngularJS is developed by Google and it is an open-source structural framework for web app development. On the other hand, ReactJS is developed by Facebook and is useful for building UI components.
  • Angular JS is a TypeScript-based web application framework and React JS is a JavaScript-based library.
  • Angular is a JavaScript-based framework built using the TypeScript language. Whereas React JS is a JS library built using JSX.
  • React.js is useful for building interactive UI components with frequently variable data. Now coming to Angular, it is useful for building complex enterprise apps like progressive web apps.
  • React is a part of MERN Stack and Angular JS is a part of the MEAN Stack.

Career Opportunities in React JS

React JS continues to remain a highly in-demand software skill within the software development industry. This domain offers numerous high-paying job opportunities along with more remote work opportunities than ever. Being a versatile language, React JS has a wide career scope all over the globe. The future scope of React JS is bright and there are numerous job opportunities awaiting you after the completion of React JS Training. Many institutes provide React JS training and one can enroll in them to learn React Full Stack Developer Skills. Here are some leading careers you can explore after learning React JS.

  • React JS Developer- These professionals are responsible for designing and implementing UI components for JavaScript. Along with this, their job profile consists of creating interactive UI and predicting and debugging code.
  • MERN Developer- These developers should have front-end coding skills and their job responsibility consists of designing client-side and server-side architecture. Along with this, they have to create security and data protection settings.
  • Full Stack Developer- These developers are well-skilled in front and back-end skills. Along with this, they have to be skilled in technologies like computer programming, UX design, client communication, project management etc.

Roles & Responsibilities for a React JS Developer

As a React JS professional, you should have great skills in JavaScript and React JS. This job responsibility requires coding skills with the knowledge of the main components such as Virtual DOM, JSX, etc. In addition, this job domain needs a minimum educational qualification of a bachelor’s degree in computer science or engineering. These professionals also require the capability to develop attractive user interfaces. Their job domain requires CSS and HTML capabilities along with the ability to find and correct errors effectively. Now coming to their roles, below are some significant responsibilities of a React JS developer.

  • They have to plan the entire lifecycle of the product.
  • Responsible for drawing technical specifications for other team members
  • They have to work on the automation of development processes.
  • These professionals are responsible for writing code as per React JS requirements.
  • React JS developers are responsible for implementing modifications and updates.
  • Responsible for timely detecting and correcting errors.
  • These professionals are responsible for improving product planning.


A well-liked JavaScript front-end library called React JS helps create reusable component user interfaces. An open-source JavaScript front-end framework called Angular JS makes it easier to create powerful online and film apps. When creating interactive UI components with often variable data, React.js comes in handy. React JS is still a very sought-after technical competence in the software development sector. JavaScript UI components are designed and implemented by React JS developers. This position demands proficiency with code and an understanding of key components like JSX, Virtual DOM, etc. In conclusion, they are responsible for implementing modifications and updates. These professionals are responsible for improving product planning.