How to Manage Diabetes During Pregnancy?

Manage Diabetes During Pregnancy

If you are pregnant and facing diabetes, but don’t know how to manage it then worry not, we are here to let you know about it. Controlling your blood sugar level is necessary for a diabetic person during pregnancy, you can control your blood sugar by following a few tips.

Carbohydrates-rich foods are fruits, desserts, yogurt, milk, and more these foods should be added mindfully to the diet if a person is diabetic. Let’s find out how you can manage diabetes if you are going to conceive a baby.

Manage Your Meal Everyday

Don’t eat too much because it increases blood sugar levels in your body. Eating smaller meals and having healthy snacks during pregnancy can help in managing your diabetes. You have increased nutritional needs during your pregnancy and that’s why you should add a balanced diet to your everyday schedule.

Processed food can worsen your diabetes complications during pregnancy that’s why try to avoid processed foods as much as possible. You can add milk to your diet because it contains calcium but having too much milk can lead to high blood sugar levels.

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Add fiber to your diet

Eat fiber-rich foods like grains, beans, peas, and lentils to manage your blood sugar level. Fiber-rich foods help to keep your blood sugar levels lower during pregnancy but avoid eating white bread items because they may contain refined sugar which impacts your pregnancy success rate. You can eat dry cereals, and a small bowl of fruits because they digest quickly and give you the required nutrition. A dietician can also advise you on some tips for managing diabetes during pregnancy.

Exercise Regularly

If you are pregnant then you should do light exercises to keep blood sugar under control. Regular exercise during and after pregnancy for just 30 minutes can help your body to reduce extra weight. Before starting your exercise routine talk with a doctor that which exercises are best during pregnancy and do not negatively impact your pregnancy.

After exercise have your proper meals and avoid taking sugary soft drinks because it increase your blood sugar level during pregnancy.

Monitoring Your Blood Sugar Levels

Keep an eye on blood sugar levels during your pregnancy to reduce the chances of complications. You can do a blood sugar level check by doing a finger prick test. Blood glucose monitoring will help you in identifying the pattern of blood sugar levels. While you are pregnant then you can ask your healthcare provider to check your blood sugar level three to four times a day before and after your meal. This will make you sure about the blood sugar levels in your body. If insulin is advised by your doctor then you can take it according to it to control the blood sugar level under control.

Limit Sugary Foods as much as Possible

We know that you are pregnant and may crave sugary foods during your pregnancy but you have to control this craving and do not add sugar syrups to your foods. It ultimately spikes your blood sugar level. Consult with your doctor to find other alternative foods in place of these items. Women with gestational diabetes can consider IVF or other fertility treatment. At the best IVF center in Lucknow, top-notch facilities are provided to increase the chances of successful pregnancy.


With the right diet plan and medications, women with diabetes can also have a successful parenthood journey with the least complications. Monitoring blood sugar levels, limiting sugary food intake, and exercising regularly, all these habits can make your path of parenting with diabetes easier.