How to Delete or Edit a Comment on Instagram?

delete comment on instagram

If you want to grow your Instagram account engagement and followers, you need to interact with other Instagram users. The best way to enhance this interaction is to do commenting on other people’s posts. You need to leave some useful comments. If you like something, commenting with hearts and claps isn’t enough. The main idea of increasing Instagram engagement is to make comments that would make other people take an interest in your profile. If you leave a simple one-line comment, thank you, or good post, then they don’t worth it. Try to be useful. Go the extra mile so people notice your comments, check your profile, and follow you. While you are making comments, you often experience typos and want to know how to Delete or Edit Comments on Instagram. Today, In this post, I will tell you how you can delete your comment and how to edit it simply.

How to delete a comment on Instagram

Did you leave an inappropriate comment or some offensive comment on Instagram? Don’t worry; it happens many times. All you have to do is delete your comment, so other people can’t find any trace of it online. Once you move that comment to delete, no one would know what you have written. Sometimes, you crack a joke on your friend’s profile, but later it feels more sarcastic, and you may realize that it might lead to some misunderstanding. The best way to handle this Instagram’s heated debate with your friend is to delete it.

Here is how you would do it.

  1. Open your Instagram, go to a post where you want to delete the comment.
  2. You will see a comment button under the photo or post, tap on it, and it will unlock a list of all comments from everyone.
  3. Find your comment from the drop-down list.
  4. Swipe left from your iPhone, and it will showcase a trash can icon. Tap on it, and your comment will be deleted.
  5. If you are using your Android phone, then tap and hold the comment. You will see a trash can icon appear on the top right corner. Click on it, and your comment will be deleted.
  6. You will get a message that your comment is deleted. In case you change your mind, you can tap undo within five seconds, and comment will reappear.

How to delete comments on Instagram from PC

If you are viewing Instagram from your PC browser, it’s relatively easy to get rid of a comment you don’t like anymore. Here is what you would do.

  1. Go to a Comment that you want to delete.
  2. Click on three dot icon and choose delete option.

How do you edit a comment on Instagram?

You can edit comments on Instagram only on your posts. If you find some typos and plan to change them, then here are some simple steps to follow.

  • Go to Your post where you want to edit comments.
  • Tap on the comment button to display all your comments.
  • Choose a comment that you want to edit.
  • Now click on the three dot icon and select “Edit comment”
  • Make changes in your comment, and then tap done.

Can you edit an Instagram comment?

Yes, you can edit an Instagram comment as and when you like. Sometimes, you post a comment and find typo mistakes in your comment. As it won’t look right, thereby you decide to make it correct. In that case, you can follow the editing comment guide I shared above. Sometimes, when we enter a comment, we realize that something is not right or a message is incomplete. So, we decided to edit the comment a bit to add more details. Thanks to Instagram, if we change our mind about our comments on our posts o, we can use editing options as and when we like.

Can you delete Instagram comments?

Yes, if your comment wasn’t appropriate, doesn’t look right, or might initiate a conflict online, then you can delete your Instagram comments.

Wrap Up

I have shared some simple steps that explain how to delete your own comment on Instagram. You can follow those steps and get rid of an offensive comment on someone else’s post. I also shared a guide that you can follow to make changes to your Instagram comments. You should know that you can’t change comment on someone else’s post. However, you can always make changes in your own post. If you still find it hard to delete or edit your comments on Instagram, feel free to ask questions.

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