Instagram Marketing Tips – Different ways to showcase Instagram Feeds to your User


Instagram is today’s highest-ranking social media platform that created a river of immense opportunities for people to showcase their thoughts and imaginations. With its ongoing usage exceeding up to 1 billion users, it has built itself to be the fastest growing social media platform.

If you want to promote your business, display abstract content, engage your audience and expand your brand-value, then Instagram is an appropriate platform for you.

But, in order to stand out, you ought to go beyond the usual norms of displaying content and do something out of the box that is exclusive and makes you stand out.

So, here’s a list of 5 actionable tips which will guide you to make your Instagram a beautiful place to be!

1)Use catchy hashtags

This is one strategy which you can use for several social media platforms. It is an effective tip that takes your marketing game to the next level!

The usage of hashtags boosts your audience reach. You are able to approach a more relevant audience which is specific to your point of interest.

You can take inspiration from trending hashtags and create something of your own. It should be short and sweet, precise, unique and easy to recall. This way, you will be recognized by it. Hence, your brand-value will increase.

Instagram has also enabled users to ‘follow’ the hashtags they like. If your hashtag is unique, the user will be able to follow it and keep a track of all the content related to it.

You will also be able to segregate and keep a record of all the user-generated content that others display.

2) Embed your Instagram feed on the website

This is a multipurpose strategy that not only expands the growth of your Instagram page but also directs user-traffic to your website.

Embedding such user-generated content from Instagram feeds on your website aggregates all relevant content to one page, expands your social media reach and publicizes your brand.

You can also customize your content and make it more appealing and eye-catching. This technique is unique and a much better way of marketing that attracts truckloads of audience engagement.

You could always use a social media aggregator and display tool for this purpose. These are highly-responsive social-media tools that aggregate content from platforms like Instagram and displays them on a website or display screen. They give you options to personalize, curate, modify, analyze, moderate and portray relevant UGC content in real-time.

3)  Stick to a unique theme

In order to stand out from the crowd, you need to beautify your Instagram feed a certain way that it attracts the user and compels him/her to keep visiting your profile, otherwise your feed would appear dispersed.

You can select a constant theme for your social-media wall which makes it seem aesthetic, vibrant and visually-pleasing. You can buy certain presets or create custom templates. Using these would drastically reduce your editing-time and enable your feed to look more defined.

This way, all your posts will be consistent. The user will be able to recognize your feed and this will ultimately popularize your brand.

If you are a beginner, you can take inspiration from several Instagram accounts and analyze their themes.

Whether you want to keep it colorful or monochromatic, the decision resides with you.

4) Upload user-generated content

The reason why your audience loves user-generated content is that it validates the authenticity of your brand and builds a social proof of your validity.

This content is relatable and is depicted in such a way that users trust it more than they trust advertisements. It helps to create a virtual community, by means of which, the user interacts with a brand that is safe and secure.

This marketing beats the traditional marketing technique any day.

Displaying UGC boosts your growth-rate on a whole another level. It grows your audience not only on Instagram but also on your website, as the satisfied users spread the word about your brand.

5) Partner with Influencers

In the era where people follow brands, both on Instagram and in real life with respect to the ongoing trends, Influencers have a key role to play when it comes to digital marketing and advertising.

There’s a huge probability that you might buy something that you see being promoted by your favorite influencer on Instagram!

These influencers have a humongous fan-following by means of which, they persuade their followers to invest in a particular brand.

In order to intensify your marketing techniques, you can collaborate with such influencers and promote your own brand. You can display amazing content with them on your Instagram feeds, and loads of audience will definitely follow up, thus increasing your popularity.

Such a partnership will not only strengthen the quality of your feed but also attract more audience.

Over to you…

Stay Insta-smart and quickly jump onto these efficient marketing tips for your Instagram to make your feed quirky and striking!

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