Checklist For Monthly Car Maintenance

Monthly Car Maintenance

Every car owner knows that every day, wear and tear takes its toll on their vehicles. Most folks face paying for a severe automobile repair like replacing tires, a transmission, or maybe a whole engine. There are many repairs that a car maintenance needs, but you need to check them every month. To avoid expensive repairs, here is the list you should be checked monthly to make sure your car is sweet to travel for the end of the day.

Air filter

air filters are conveniently located right under your hood near or at the highest of your engine. Simply remove your air cleaner and hold it up to reasonably strong light. If you’ll see the sunshine coming through the filter, it’s usually fine. If you can’t see the sun alright even after dusting it off a couple of times, you almost certainly need a replacement filter.


Your oil should be changed every 3 thousand to 5 thousand miles. Counting on your vehicle’s age and whether or not it leaks, you ought to check the oil a minimum of a couple of times between changes. Checking and changing your oil is the most crucial component of vehicle maintenance.

Brake fluid

To check your car’s brake fluid level, locate the reservoir, which is typically near the brake booster and brake cylinder, again conveniently located near the highest of your engine. Unscrew the cap and see if the fluid level is within roughly half an in. approximately from the highest. Also, confirm to see for discoloration within the fluid and clean off any dirt or dust surrounding the reservoir to keep everything performing at its best.


Overly worn or improperly inflated tires cause thousands of accidents per annum, so you would like to make sure they’re in fine condition continually. Merely a change in weather or elevation can have an impression on your vehicle’s tire pressure. It’s also a simple idea to possess your tires rotated every 7,500-10,000 miles to ensure they wear evenly and don’t get to get replaced as often.


A quick inspection of your car’s battery can reserve it many miles within the end of the day. Confirm to seem for frayed or broken cables attached to the terminals. Tighten the nut that secures the battery onto the vehicle. Clean off any dirt or collecting dust. Most significantly, check both the positive and negative terminals for possible corrosion.


The most comfortable thanks to checking coolant levels are to look at the surface of your coolant reservoir and see if it’s up to the “full” line. If it isn’t, simply add a 50/50 mixture of coolant and water until it’s back to the highest. Some coolants already come pre-mixed, which makes things a touch easier for you.


You can also check these aspects before buying a car because ignoring these might get you into a car crash due to some engine or system failure of the car while driving. If this happens to you due to the manufacturer’s negligence, contact a Los Angeles car crash attorney to claim for your financial, physical, and emotional loss so, car maintenance is important for you and your lives.

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