Models of Backpacks for Men: Choose the one that suits you best

backpack models

In our Store we love accessories, and one of our favorites are the backpacks. The backpack or ” messenger bag ” is a type of bag with a long strap that is worn on a cross shoulder. In recent years, it has increased its popularity, especially with the male audience, due to its practical use and variety of styles. We have already talked about the different wallet models that exist, so now we have to know the different backpack models that you can find.

Types of backpack according to their style

We have classified the types of backpack according to their style taking into account the texture of the material and its finishes, since we believe that these characteristics give you clues to define the style of an accessory.

CASUAL backpack model

One of the peculiarities of casual backpacks is the use of finishes and details. The closures, seams, brooches, prints, and other decoration, are usually the protagonists in this type of backpacks. In terms of material, fabrics such as canvas or leather canvas with varied and uneven textures tend to predominate, which gives the accessory a more relaxed look.

CLASSIC backpack model

The classic backpacks are made for lovers of minimalism. They do not have many details and are usually made of materials with uniform textures such as fine-grain leather. Their reserved style makes them timeless and perfect for use on any occasion without attracting too much attention. It is an ideal style to wear in college, work, or in general in any situation.

VINTAGE backpack model

If yours is the “retro”, vintage backpacks have that rough look that stands out from others. The use of characteristic details of the style, such as brooches and straps, give this type of bags an old look that is often complemented by a worn texture in the material, although this is not a rule of thumb.

ELEGANT or FORMAL backpack model

If the event or situation you are in requires that you bring a more suitable accessory to an executive environment, elegant backpacks have you covered. This type of model shares some similarities with the classic; however, they are licensed to carry some specific details without saturating the image of the backpack. They tend to have more personality and convey an image of luxury and authority.

Types of backpack according to their type of use

The use for which a backpack is intended is mainly defined by the material and its structure. We have classified them in the following:

URBAN backpack model

The urban backpacks, as you can tell by the name, are haversacks made for use in the city. Leather, canvas or the mixture of both, are usually resistant materials that are widely used in these cases. As for its structure, they are usually of practical sizes to carry everywhere, and some have pockets dedicated to some elements of daily use, such as credit cards, pens, and even laptops.

TRAVELER backpack model

If the suitcases are not your thing or you feel that they are impractical for the type of things you carry, the traveler-type backpacks can be of great help. Made of resistant materials such as leather, they tend to stand out in terms of their strength and capacity.

Due to its use, they are usually large.

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