What is the Best Herschel Backpack?

herschel backpack

You are looking to relieve the weight on your back caused by the exhausting routine in the office or simply a companion backpack, of those that both in the faculty and in the institute offers you the best security for your objects, well, in that case, you are in the indicated post and we are really happy about it.

In this review, we will present a series of products that we believe will be very useful. Each of them, with specific shapes and characteristics, adapts to the needs in the face of this or that situation, so we advise you to take a few minutes to think about what do you need to buy a backpack?

Herschel is a brand that designs elegant backpacks with a markedly professional style. His designs, uniform in terms of good taste but still presenting the most notable variety, are a bridge or pillar design backpacks. However, their prices are accessible!

Which Herschel backpack to choose?

1. Herschel Little America – Unisex with straps

First of all in this review, we bring a very cute model. This is the Herschel Little America backpack, highlighted by its plain black design with two horn straps that accompany the line for added elegance. Its size is 16 cm high, 49 cm long and 28 cm wide. 

In other words, we find a moderate to small size backpack. It is quite light; its total weight is 680 grams, these grams add to the weight of the objects that you carry in your backpack.

The material with which it is coated is Polyester. It is justly appreciated by its customers for being very resistant. Although the fabric of the backpack is soft to the touch (thanks to the innovations that textile companies have carried out since the discovery of polyester), its design is characterized by a particular resistance.

It has the signature of the brand on the front. Its main pockets are two, the front pocket and the larger compartment. Inside the larger compartment, you can locate your computer because it includes a case to store the laptop. 

The closure is magnetic, i.e., has two magnets that together pressure and close the flaps of the pack. The front pocket has compartments to organize small objects and space to store the key. 

2. Herschel Heritage Backpack – Blue Backpack

Secondly, on this list, we bring a product that is very good. Blue, colorful, this backpack represents everything the user needs to carry their items with comfort and safety. We talked about the Herschel Heritage Backpack. It is a small casual type backpack, has a resistance of 21.5 liters, usually used in the office or more formal areas in which the appearance of the backpack is an important point to consider when choosing.

The measures of this backpack are 30.5 cm high, 45.7 cm long and 14 cm long. It is small, as we said, light and synthetic material. It has a handle system thanks to which you can use the upper handle to carry the backpack.

It comes from different patterns of prints. The truth is that the variety of designs is very playful, and each of them will help you find and highlight your personality. The back and back straps are padded.

3. Herschel Supply Company  – Water Resistant

This backpack that is located in the position number three of our recommendations among which we consider are the best Herschel backpacks on the market is the Supply Company backpack, a classic design with a traditional appearance but that gives the note because it follows the line of elegance that both Characterize this brand.

It has poly coat fabric. This fabric is waterproof, recommended for rainy areas. The lines of the backpack are nylon and polyester, a combination that does not fail to offer durability and safety of the objects that you carry inside the backpack. 

It has two main pockets. The center pocket includes a security envelope to store small items. The closures are zipper in the front pocket and adjustable from the main pocket; you should not fear possible reprisals with your objects; everything remains in place.

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