Why does HP Printer Say paused?

hp printer

There are various reasons that can lead to the paused HP printer. The major cause can be; not using the printer for a long period of time. If the printer is paused unexpectedly, you need to change the operation of jobs. To resolve the issue, you need to perform the basic troubleshooting. Or, you can contact the HP printer support. 

How to troubleshoot the paused HP printer?

1. Uninstall and Download latest HP Printer Driver

Getting the right set of drivers is important for the functioning of the HP printer, so make sure you have the correct drivers installed for your HP printer. To get the drivers, follow the steps given below: 

  1. First Uninstall USB printer driver from your device
  2. Now remove the HP folder and AIO folder from the hard drive
  3. Next, get the USB printer driver from the website of the manufacturer

2. Make HP Printer Online

  1. To check the pause button is “On” from the settings
  2. Now go to the Control panel from the Start button from HP printers. 
  3. Press and release the  Pause button and the issue will be resolved
  4. Now, make sure to go through the on-screen steps to complete the process. 
  5. From the taskbar, go to the “HP printer” icon
  6. You may require the documents of the printer to enter the details
  7. Right-click on the screen and then hit the “paused” button
  8. Click “Resume” in order to make use of your printer.

3. Clear pause printing:

  1. If you are using the operating system, then select the “start” option and then go to the “Settings” and then “Printers”
  2. Click-right on the printer icon
  3. Now, select the “Pause Printing” or “work offline”. Now uncheck the option
  4. Print the documents again
  5. Establish a parallel connection
  6. Turn off the printer or remove from the network
  7. Next, connect your desktop using the parallel cable
  8. Turn on the printer
  9. Again try to print the document after you Setup HP Printer.

4. HP Printer Paper Jam

The paper jam can also induce the issues like paused HP printer, thus clear the paper jam to troubleshoot the paused printer issues. In order to clear the paper jam, you need to look inside your printer and remove all the stuck paper-pieces and clear the debris to achieve the optimum performance of your printer.

5. Remove Large Jobs:

The size of file matters a lot while printing and thus a large job which technically means the heavy file that has a large job count, can disturb the functioning of the printer and cause paused printing. So, fix the paused printing by clearing the jobs that are too heavy or distribute them in small sections to maintain the pace of printing. 

6. Fix Data Problems: 

The corrupted data or jobs can lead to the paused printer and thus it is important to find the culprit and remove it in order to get rid of the paused HP printer. But make sure you are able to extract the problematic data or the page having problems. 

Hopefully, this article helps you fix the paused HP printer and restore its original performance. All methods(which are provided by Printer Align Expert) can be easily done manually without any professional help.

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